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June 24, 2008


Man runs himself over by remote

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Could he get a DUI in that case? The mind reels at the implications.

Men are Dumb. He left the car in gear? He should definitely hire a (male) lawyer.

That is not even remotely funny.

You're on a roll today, Meanuie. What's in the water 'round your parts?

"Meanuie," obviously the French derivative or your name. Ahem.

I was actually thinking about this possibility the other day.* Could a car with remote start access actually be driven with no keys? And I came to the conclusion that no, of course not. Manufacturers would of course have designed them to start in "park" only, and move into gear only with the keys in the ignition.


Guess not.

*Yes, I'm still looking for a job.

Why SuzyQ....I are insulted. We's men is not dumb. I can indentify a locomotive at least 2 out of 3 times !

But only if the other one is an airliner...?

well, there is that....

Why would you want a remote start in the first place? It is only asking for trouble.

Elon is confused.

I'm on hold with the IRS. The hold music is from "The Nutcracker". Appropriate.

Suzy Q - What's in the water 'round my parts? Well, there could be two answers:

1) I haven't bathed since this morning
2) I live in New Jersey, please don't ask

Oneblankspace is right. Look at those fangs. Do you think they are for broccoli?

... and rightly so, Elon (re your 7:03 vs. your 7:12 posts).

Over what?

The "journalist" (headline writer?) says he ran himself over ... over what?

Yup, journalism is alive and well ... where, is the question that remains unanswered ...

As to "remote starters" ... reputable mechanics and auto supply stores will tell a person that it is NOT possible to install a remote starter in a vehicle with a standard (stick shift) transmission ... for EXACTLY this reason ...

Either some fly-by-braille mechanic, or the dude his ownself, apparently worked out a way around this precaution ...

Elon: Folks want a remote starter so that when it's nasty weather — as in "blizzard and/or 30º below zero" — they don't need to go outside to start the car to warm it up ... tho, I'd be a bit surprised if it was a blizzard in June ...


and, Suzy, not to be a wisea$$, but with a manual transmission, you ALWAYS leave your car in gear (usually reverse), otherwise in neutral it would roll (even without a remote)... Although some people leave it in neutral and apply the parking brake... just sayin'...

Turns out, he asked his wife to run over to the store to get some beer. She told him, "Go to hell! Run over yourself!".

So he did.

ouch! they never mentioned what shade of red his face was after this. shoddy journalism.

*snorks* lynn!!

They should have sent the driver, not the car, for a mechanical inspection.

Remote starter? Is that like a shy appetizer?

lol at Danny! Viagra call or phone sex? We report, you decide...

"Both vehicles sustained minor damage.

Police sent the car for a mechanical inspection."

Shoddy reporting... which car?

*zaps in*

I'm just glad this was a GUY that did this. Wimmin folk aren't too into the gadgety remote starter crap so this would never happen to US.

*goes back to putting on her makeup whilst driving*

*hair flip*

Okay, All y'all, I just wanna say, I love this Blog. I just re-read todays threads, and you guys make me so proud to be here. Y'all are so stinkin funny (damn that Alicia Silverfart), and I want to thank you for helping me thru one of the toughest times of my life. Not the worst, mind you, but definitely in the top two. I cherish each and every one of you, even lilrascal, who makes me go HUH? Thank you.

Awwww, garsh. Thanks, bali. But please don't encourage lil rascal too much. We just now got his meds balanced. Any flattery will throw him off again and the zoo won't take him back.

*retracts lil rascal comments*
(thanks Annie)

Awww bali!!

Group hug!!!

*ditto on rascal* (we want him to keep the meds working, like Annie said)

Annie, if the zoo wouldn't take that lizard in the bananas...rascal does not have a prayer!

Oooh, oooh, ooooh, I love this blog.

Dang, y'all, I thought I was the only one who noticed!

*feels better*

LOL great video/song, Annie!

Anywho! I'm off to bed, gals. Love all ya'll's all's!

Yes, Annie, I thought of that song, too.

Can somebody buy me a drink, please?

Nite, Siouxie, you cutie! I'm going to bed, too. See y'all tomorrow!

Toby will buy you one, bali. And one for the horse you rode in on. :)

*puts beer on ice for tomorrow*
Nite, ladies. I'm outta here, too.

someone say beer?!

Happy Birthday, Meanie!

Happy Birthday, Meanie! Is it your 35th or 36th?

I'd tell you, ww, if I could just remember ....

Bali, I am extremely happy to be at and share this place with you and all the rest of the addicts inmates participants. You bring plenty of fun to the table yourself, so salute yourself (NTTAWWT) too.

MtB...your birthday!! Happy, happy!!

(heads off to work)

Happy Birthday, Meanie! *sets out cinnamon rolls and birthday cake* I'll be having cake.

OK, unless we're talking chocolate cake or lemon-filling cake, I'm gonna go for the cinnamon roll.

Yum! (and thanks)


Happy Birthday, Meanie!

A birthday card for Meanie


Sorry- didn't mean to yell so loud. I'm a little punchy. Time for me to go to bed.

*texts birthday cake to Meanie*

Happy birthday, Meanie! I've not been here in forever...and I'm glad that the blog is still cheering people and helping them through hard times. It worked for me, too.

Aw .... *sniff* .... cards and cake and rolls and spanki - er, oops!

A birthday pic for Meanie

You wish, Meanie!

HappE Birthday, Meanie!

And belated snorks to JayP. The IRS has a sense of humor? Who gnu?


Now bend ovah!!

*whips out the machete*

*methinks Meanie is now hiding*

Medddddddddddddd we need to catch up!

Meanie's not here, man.

I see you!!


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