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June 25, 2008


(Thanks to Esther)


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Quick! Someone rearrange the deck chairs!

One would think the artifacts are quite accustomed to water....

*wonders if the band will continue playing as the Science Center sinks*

Sounds like a PR gimmick of extremely poor taste.

How do you drive a science museum into an iceberg?

I'm king of the world!

I guess the exhibits must be very hydrophillic.

DPC, it's a Pittsburg ...

Actually the Carnegie Science Center is on the river so I'm sure one just floated by.

Titanic Artifact: *looking at water* Dang! Just can't get away from that stuff!

Hey, so I'm packing a few extra pounds. Quit callin' me Titanic!

I'm hoping Rose doesn't let Jack die this time around.

I really hope there were no actual Titanic survivors there. Talk about a flashback.

Siouxie, I'm hoping Rose kills Jack sooner, rather than forcing me to sit through all 97 hours of hellacious cinematic pain.

Anyone consider throwing Jack over the railing at about start-time + 10 mins? ... like the Director?

JayP - 96.75 hours - can't count the boffins scene.

I did, Kibby. Actually, I tried to leave him behind to starve in Ireland. And raffle his knickers.

You guys! How would she know how to projectile spit if it weren't for Jack??

♬ Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you're here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on...♫

*ducks incoming deck chairs*

Now this remake I might see ...

Sio, "Projectile Spit" WBAGNFARB!

Best Remake Ever

*Applauds Jay!* for actually sitting through those 97 hours!!! (Me, I fell asleep right after the opening credits!)

I was cheering for the iceberg.


frodolives: It's amazing the pain we men will go through if we think it might lead to boffins.

What gives? I tried to go last week and it was shut down because their ice machine was broken.

Hope it's not too soon to laugh at such a tragic event, cause I just did.

true, JP, too true... 'course, I knew that the gal I was with at the time wasn't going to offer any "boffin," so immediate snores were in order...

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