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June 23, 2008


Unless, of course, you can't help yourself.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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*I can't comment right now, I'm at an IA meeting.*
*Please leave your comment after the beep*


I can quit anytime I want.

*stands up*

My name is Siouxie and I am an Internet addict.

*goes back to blogging*


*suspects today was not the day to secretly switch coffee to decaf*

Ignores hints about OCD link-clicking.

Say, did anyone else see this ad on the page? So what exactly is this guy putting to his lips?

As Mark Twain once said: "Quitting the Internet is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it thousands of times."

*cashes disability check*

Gee, what a huge surprise to the folks on the blog; an enormous gasp of shock is heard throughout the community.


It was totally NOT true on Saturday when we never got NEAR a computer.

And once again I ask... what color is the moon for the planet you just flew in from?

I went all afternoon yesterday without using the computer!

ok..home now! What did I miss?? huh? huh?

Boy, some of the rest of you people are really bad.

Not me, though.

I can quit anytime.


Not really.

Brother, you go on one, or four, 56-hour jags on World of Warcraft and suddenly you have a "condition"!

No stress though, I'll go on WebMD for a cure and then to pharmacy.com to see if there's a pill to fix me.

ok, i know, like, 4 of the names of people who have posted here on this thread


guess i'm not an addict like the rest of you

either that, or i've been away way, way too long

yeah...that's probably it...


"WAVES" at southerngirl!!!! It has been a long time, wuznu witchu?

heyyyyyyyyyyy sgirl!!!! where've you been??

*WAVES* back at frodo

hey dude, i've got a life

unlike all the rest of you 'net junkies

ok, i can't even type that with a straight face ;)

hiya, sioux!

nice pics, girlfriend

y'all are lookin good!

Thanks, sgirl!!! We ARE a good looking bunch, huh? A buncha what...I dunno though ;-)

Glad to know one of us went off and got a life, girl!

Hey, you know me, right, southerngirl?

Jeff who? ;-P

Btw, Jeff?? if you want to have a blog get-together when ya'll are down here...you need to let me know in advance so I can rally up the SoFla blog troops. WE are always ready for a good party.

*snork at siouxie*

but sioux, i didn't really go out and get a life, ya know ;p

and jeff...jeff...hmmmm...sounds vaguely familiar...

i'm still waiting for you to come down to NOLA so we can see buffet together! ;)

and yes, jeff, i know

i missed the last jazzfest


MartiniShark - You play WoW too? What realm? :)

Actually wingpup, that was a gag. I'm more content to spend hours on the Playstation working through a season on NHL'08 now that it's summer and The Cup is over. This blog is my net addiction . . . as well as charity-websites.com! (not really, but sounds less pathetic)

MS: Go Wings! :)

And nothing wrong with WoW, but I'd never stay online THAT many hours straight, doing anything!

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