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June 24, 2008


(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Welcome to the neighborhood. Sheesh.

Oh no! The Mullet Mingler has struck again!

(Anybody know where Ted was?)

Then he tried the Van de Camp house next door and Bree smacked him in the face with a baked to perfection apple pie...

But Carlos across the street agreed to take the case of beer...

This sounds funny now, but when mullets are outlawed... actually that sounds like a pretty good idea.

Incomplete reporting once again. Did his impressive display of...whatever-you-want-to-call-it result in the procurement of any phone numbers from any of the party-attending ingenues? And did he honestly expect it to?

I usually lurk here, but I just can't contain myself, since I live about eight miles from the crime scene. I'm surprised they found him so fast; in South Kitsap County, the description "man with a mullet" doesn't exactly narrow it down much.

But I WILL be sure to lock my door tonight. There are mullets everywhere on my street.

Oh, I'm confused I guess, I thought you meant the mullet fish ...

The "reporter" said that the guests " ... pushed out the man ... "

Yup. Journalism at it finest ...

Unless ... they meant ... um ... naaaaaaaah, couldn't be ... could it?

Too many of us have been reading that page, I guess.

The error message I got:


Something went wrong. The kitsapsun.com page you are looking for is temporaily unavailable. We couldn't find the page you requested.

Try again in a few minutes or please email us.

Did they mean oops?

obs, I can't believe how many times I've seen the misspelling "opps".

I'd laugh it off as ironic if it weren't so pathetic.

One more great reason not to wear a mullet.

The page is working again, for those who couldn't see it earlier.

Welcome, MrsD. No need to contain yourself. It worked during the Cold War, but it just gets painful nowadays.

C'mon, the guy thought the party was an audition for a new hair band, and wanted to give it a shot!

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