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June 24, 2008


Inmate falls through ceiling into Texas police office

(Thanks to Chuck and Siouxie)


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So the charges were dropped?

What, is "making a terrorist threat" the new catchall they tack on at every arrest?

If Jesus came through my roof, I'd let him go free.

♪ He came in through the office ceiling...♬

Siouxie, get out of my brain!

Jesus and a Roman. If I had more coffee, I'd be able to come up with something profound.

Hmm...it's dark in here, Jeff.

Yeah, Jesus maybe, Erb; but what if it was God ???

Very small men with very long names...

Wait, "CSI"? Or "L. A. Law"?

Okay, my question is: how did these two young men get out of a locked cell and into the ceiling in the first place?

PLEASE don't tell me the engineers of the jail didn't ever fortify the ceiling in the cells.

Come on, everyone has watched MacGuyver at least once. That's the first escape anyone tries.

Fortify the stinkin' ceiling!

They have CAMERAS in the air conditioning? Wow. Security is tight there. Is this operation run by Jack Bauer? Did anyone ask?

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