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June 24, 2008


It's getting so a person can't be left alone in his own home..

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Since December? How long do you get before Squatters Rights kick in?

Did he get his fiddle back?

On top of T- mobile...At least he won't need a microwave.

Haha. Claire is invited to see the people who live out back. Snaggle Arm Elvis is a regular. Then there Rumplestiltskin, the guy who lives in the trash. And Charlie Bronson. Man is He confused.

I would rather live on top of a bakery.

I can't believe you missed the associated article about the naked bike ride (also in Boulder)


Ok..but did he get free phone service?

Can    hear    now?

Snaggle Arm Elvis belongs on someone's Fav Five. Somewhere.

I wonder if t-mobile charged each additional homeless person $10.00 plus an activation fee?

He must be on the unlimited popcorn plan.

Then there is the lady who stands by the off ramp every afternoon cary her sign, "Will Work For Sex". Actually, prostution is running rampant here near Disneyland. What am I thinking.

On to of T-Moblile
All covered with cheese
I lost my poor "me time"
When some poor cop sneezed

What am I thinking.

Posted by: lilrascal | 02:54 PM on June 24, 2008

I've wondered the same thing several times...

...and the ad for free beer...

*tosses 'p' up to Chris*

Obviously confused on the concept of "overage charges".

On top of old Smokey
All covered in blood
I shot my poor teacher
with a .44 slug
I went to her funeral
I went to her grave
Instead of throwing flowers
I threw a gernade

Man, I haven't heard that song since my buddy skipped school and robbed all his friend's homes while they went.

He later lamented that the only real downside was he wasn't able to send in any entries to the Dave Barry Caption Contest...

Squirts P on to Chris...

Wait, now what am I going to do with this extra P?

Put it in my ocket I guess.

rascal, any kid sings that now, they get hauled off in handcuffs. can't sing, can't live on top of buildings, can't do anything these days. hrmph.

Really? Things are getting crazy these days, I know. You know, I have two close buddies from the old neighborhood who have done hard time. I have spent, added together, about I'd say 6-7 hours behind bars. I am not a reflection of my peers, obviously. Not in the past, not on this forum. Never!

How did the T-Mobil roof guy get his shopping cart stacked to sky with his personal effects and cans on the roof?

Did he get his fiddle back?

Posted by: Mahatma Kane Jeeves | 02:46 PM on June 24, 2008

LOL. No, but he did sing "If I Were a Rich Man" when the cops arrested him.

"Barrett already has been sentenced on the charges"

Wow. Justice is swift in Boulder.

they closed the comments on the head spa thread, but i wanted to add:

"for when you're tinfoil hat just isn't getting the job done..."

Sooo, to punish a man for not having a roof over his head, they provide him with a home and three meals a day.

HR. Hahaha. You and my wife.

hammie, for someone who prefers a roof under his feet, it's harsh.

when my tinfoil hat starts letting in rays
and people want to steal my ball of string
i scale on up to the top of the store
and hopefully the cops won't see a thing!

on the roof is a lice-free holiday
it's wonderful when there's nowhere else to stay!

so when i get tired of following yuppies around
who spend more on starbuck's than i do on food
i climb way on up by the t-mobil sign
and strange to say it lightens up my mood

on the roof, it's often hassle-free
and it's my home, my castle there you see!

up on the roof...

I have a great wheel barrow someone left on my property recently. Just dumped the personal effects and saved maybe $30 I didn't have to pay otherwise for a new one. I have, I mean literally, given the kids in the neighborhood half a dozen bicycles. I gave one guy 4 or 5 so it's actually maybe a dozen bicycles I have picked up on my property. All abandoned. The sofa, dresser, sink, and other assorted home furnishing some guy in a pick-up dumped on my back lot one afternoon was hauled off courtesy of the city. I showed the police the video of him dumping it, but they laughed. Even if they hunted him down, it's only a misdemeanor. Don't laugh. My neighbor is worse than any homeless drunk I have seen lately when she rings the bell and barges her way into my front door when she goes on a bender. "You don't like me," she says. "Why?" Duh.


An anonymous source at the Florida election headquarters reveals tampering at the Miami Herald's caption contest voting offices. A suspect, "Walter" is under investigation. Stay tuned for further developments.

The 'n' was left hanging and fell off.

Oh no you don't, buster! You're not pinning that Dave Barry voting scandal on me ... !

"...drew their guns and told him to put his hands in the air. Two officers scaled the roof using the fire-truck ladder and also held Barret at gunpoint.

"Barrett was arrested without incident"

Did I read that right?

My neighbor is an Iranian bar girl. When she is loaded, she shows up at my door and states, "you are greatest getar player in world". "I play getar." "I am senger."

So she shows up at my neighbors's house. The 14 year old son is home alone after school. In his underwear, He looks to see who is ringing the doorbell. The Iranian drunk woman, Sheeba I think, is hiding down by the bottom of the door. He opens the door and she rushs in. My son and his friend show up. Sheeeba has plucked the kid's father's guitar from the wall and is sitting at the kitchen table and as my son described the scene, "beating on the guitar with her meat hook saying, "I play getar, I am singer". My son said she sounds h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e.

The kid calls his mom at work and says, "mom there is a lady here at the table playing the guitar?" HIs mom says, "are you lying just trying to get me to drive home from work and give you the modem so you can go online and play games?"


If T Mobile's roof had leaked, there would have more serious charges.

Rascal, you have to get her on "American Idol" ... !

Oops, sorry, that was me -- The suspense is getting me all flustered...

OMG! This Iranian women i soooo a sheet in the wind. My neighbor picked her up and carried her out of his house while his wife stood guard over their three young children. For a year now we have discussed how she will definately hurt someone driving her car! Sure enough, an accident tore the car to pieces! She got it fixed, I think. My neighbor now has to pull his kids inside again. They are not allowed to play outside in fear of her driving over on of them. The police came on night when He called them and she hid in the bushes outside her house. A relative had locked her out purposly. She would win on Idol! She sould win no doubt. She can not sing a note, or play a sing note on the guitar yet she proclaims, "I am getar player and senger too." She would kill that Asian guy who couldn't sing and made it big.

The first time rascal told that story, I thought maybe he was having a bad dream. But here it is again.

rascal, you have one weird neighbor.

I have learned a lot about tolerance with all this. I feel just as sorry for these people as any of you. Just weird to have to deal with in a rational manner.

Once you realize that T-Mobile is a division or whatever of Deutsche Telekom, their jingle actually makes sense.

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