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June 25, 2008


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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We're stocking up on beer thanks to Siouxie???

Way to go, girl!!!

I'm unclear; are we supposed to reassure the scientists?

Cern is where the World Wide Web was invented, so we know they can create another black hole if they wanted to....

Hi Punkin! I *might* be able to meet up with you next month. I'll be on Cape Cod for most of July, depending on when I go rescue my motor home currently living with OtheUmanity in North Dakota. (LONG story)

Hi Jan!

This experiment does not concern me at all.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be 45 feet underground in my cement, lead-lined bunker of life.

There's a black hole just North of us. It belongs to Robert Mugabe.

I have a bad feeling about this. These are the same guys who have pocket protectors. Just sayin.

...scientists had not adequately calculated the strangelets risk.

*heads to Beer Barn*

I go through black holes all the time! What is the big...

Oh crap, I just remembered. I went through one yesterday and I was supposed to bring back some Yoo Hoos and a copy of Vogue....

My bad.

Hadron and the Boffins WBAGNFARB

*elbowing people outta the way in the aisle of the liquor store* And, btw, bloggits, some young punk gave me my first senior citizen discount today... so whatcher step! *Keeping an eye on the door for the Geezer bus*

Further delays occurred after plaintiffs requested an injunction against the LHC's switch-on from the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii over safety fears.

District of Hawaii has jurisdiction over CERN? I did not know that.

The good news is, if the worriers are right, we don't need to spend $$$ on shelters or anything to survive. That's because we wouldn't survive anyway.

The scientists at Europe's CERN lab rendetion of the earth surround by blue matter somehow managed to appear as a chocolate dipped nipple.

...well at least not the Whole Earth. maybe just part of it. Like Hawaii.

and now to listen to Hadron and the Boffins sweet little love ballad "Chocolate Dipped Nipple".

The whole thing is Claire Bates' idea. Including the seductive depictation of our earth atmosphere as a dark blue areola.

Ok, so that's beer for Dave and Punkin, white boxwine for Siouxie, bottled red wine for me...who had the tequila?

Tommy James caused a similar stir with his Crystal Blue Areola Persuasion.

What's the carbon footprint for that baby?

I'm contemplating a new beer for the black hole occassion, just hope it gets brewed before the global implosion. Guessing it should be a Porter.

To longevity.

(Drink fast).

Whoa! Sozzled minds think alike, sir.

OK..who's in charge of stocking up the blog bunker??? Do we have enough Cheez-Its? Gumballs?

Speaking of beer....I was having THIS on Sat. I kept calling it 'ying yang'. I know. I kill me.

Nice find Meanie, that will save me some time.

And Siouxie, I'll elect to not be offended by that.

"strange world"-tears for fears)

all around me are colliding hadrons
making black holes, making black holes
i'm surrounded by the egghead boffins
might they lack souls, might they lack souls?
find the lawyers, it's another lawsuit
offers tendered, offers tendered
should we luck out and create a black hole
france surrenders, france surrenders

and i think it's kind of funny , i think that it'd
be rad...
being extruded through a wormhole might not be all that bad
all the usual forms of matter are really quite a bore
in our giant magnet circle we've a chance of something more

oh, the song is 'sad world'...(never mind)

Yeah, I feel safe. Not. These guys do not have girlfriends! What do they have to live for?!

Is it legal for someone named Martinishark to have a beer? Just 'cause it's the end of the world, we can't throw every dang rule out the window.

Strangelet brew -- kills the collider crew.

It's a swirl of trouble in electric blue,
In their own mad minds they can't see it's true.
It's true.
Now what you gonna do?
Strangelet brew -- kills the collider crew.

It's some kind of demon mass in an Alpine stew.
If you dont watch out it'll swallow you.
Swallow you.
What blind things they do!
Strangelet brew -- kills all the boffins too.

In a ring in the center of a mountain pass,
They created a hideously dense mass
That roared.
One that wants you absorbed.
Strangelet brew -- kills off the whole EU.

Strangelet brew, strangelet brew, strangelet brew, strangelet brew.
Strangelet brew -- starts the Big Bang anew.

needs to check out "Conspiracy.com" to see if my tin foil hat will help me out on this

"Physicists hope it will help answer profound questions such as 'What is the origin of mass?'"
Sheesh!! C'mon people---Mass is a product of the Catholic Theolgy.
Did I miss something?

That Clapp kid is pretty good.


I thought the "origin of mass" was boffin... Did I miss a memo?

*flings 'o' @ Hadron the Collie's 'theolgy.'*
Yes, you missed something. But you're not the first guy to miss an 'O.'

A try at Beers in Heaven in the future?

*zips in*™

Do we have to drink beer? Can't we have appletinis?

I must confess, A W-B-H, I have many "OOOHS", "AAAHHHS" and "GEEEEZZZZSSS", but few "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSS".
Must be technique.

You don't have to confess. Siouxie already told us. Not sure how she knew.

Siouxie is psychotic psychic. More importantly, from Florida.

***OMG, boffins*** at AWBH and hadron!!!!!!!!!!! (Wonders about my future impending audit with the IRS about why I had to replace my computer so many times this year from spewing beer all over it...)

Since there's no where to hide...

*sets up lawn chair, fills cooler w/ icy cold deliciousness, puts on bikini and SPF 25,000,000,000 sunscreen, lies back, puts cucumber slices over eyes....waits for the ultimate tan*

(hands punkin a tin foil hat, ya' know, just in case)...


I'll say

Don't listen to their reassurances. The Swiss are plotting something.


And the French have surrendered...

Are we having a beer and sunbathing party? Should I go get my Speedo and a case of Harp?

Those sneaky Swiss had us all fooled with their "neutrality" and their fancy-shmancy knives. and all along they're been building a black hole underground.

Looks for a black hole can opener for my Black Hole porter.

Screw the porter, we're going to need something stiffer whiskier.

*offers double of single malt to the first bloglit to identify the can opener*


Maximilian from The Black Hole


It's these kinda stories that make one long for the Cold War and Stalin. At least, we knew who the bad guys were.

Hey, I've been to Roswell, and ain't no black holes here...(whooooohhhh....disappears)

Okay, well, it seems like no one has mentioned the cooling, crisp benefits of Grey Goose vodka and tonic w/extra lime or with Squirt ~ now THAT'S some refreshing black hole beverage - might as well go down enjoying the heat !
And before you skewer me for mixing Grey Goose - remember the depths of He!! knows no "refresh" ...

I had my first vodka and tonic this past week...YUM! I had Level vodka at the time, but I luv me some Absolut, so there ya go. Tel, you'r ea genious!

Is anyone else having trouble? e-mails sent to the blog last night and this morning came back marked "delivery failure".

Judi? Dave?


Anyone? Bueller?

and I had several good items to share, like the alligator who walked into the bar.

What chance is their against the Siouxie juggernaut now?



Hah! Jeff - I got all my mail back last night and this morning too. Guess DavCat will have to take over ;-P

psssssssst Jeff?? their?? tsk. tsk.

Ok..seriously. Who broke the blog??

Uhoh, judi's gonna get in trouble.

Thanks, Siouxie. I guess I need more coffee...and to proofread.

I know. Same here. I emailed judi to make sure she knows. Off to walk the doggies.

Actually, she's probably happy she hasn't gotten a gazillion emails LOL

God morning, campers!

Is 5 am too soon to start the day with a Diet Coke?

Since I can't get this to Dave...

a crocodile walks into a bar....

..the bartender says, "Why the long OUCH! YOU LITTLE BAST@RD, LET GO OF MY ARM!!!!!"

Has anyone seen my band.

Jeff, should be ok now.

Anyone looking for this?

Jeff, is the bar in Cairns? That severely impacts the latitude of disbelief we ahve...

have. Have.

ahve, Maria, what's wrong with the fingers this morning?

Hi everyone! KC and the Sunshine Band.
Saturday at the Marlins Game.
"That's the Way uhuh I like it".
Miami bloggers come out to the game and support the fish......they are cheap players with big hearts!!!

Nothing ever goes wrong with black hole experiments:
Time Tunnel
Doctor Who
2001 and 2010
Spider-man 2...

Beyond the event horizon
Waits a beautiful day
Goodbye to things that bore me
Joy is waiting for me

I see an event horizon
My life had only begun
Beyond the event horizon
Lies a darkened sun

Beyond the event horizon
Waits an eternal day
Goodbye to things that bore me
Joy is waiting for me

I see a an event horizon
My life had only beguin
Beyond the event horizon
Lies a darkened sun

Beyond the event horizon
Lies a darkened sun

and rebekah wins a (picture of) the single malt of her choice. Always knew that suffering throughcheap Star Wars knockoff wonderful Disney movie would pay off one day, didn't you? And not just because you could wonder at the spectacle that is Ernest Borgnine.


"Sunshine" happens to be my best friend and my Marlin game buddy!!

I'm going to the game! (I believe ms. judi is also going and ec)

Obama and his change.......

Yep........we'll be left with change in our pockets.


*smacks* Sunshine!

JayP, that was one bad movie, so why have I seen it so many times? And who would cast Ernest Borgnine in a space movie? Not a very good fit.
I'm not much of a (picture of) single malt drinker but I could use a (picture of) shot of tequilla.

And the nerds at Cern say, "Hey guys, check this out!"

@Annie Just to clarify, I actually HAVE to drink beer, I work for Budweiser.

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