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June 24, 2008


(Thanks to The Amazing Steve)


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"My dogs don't fart because they're vegan"

...they fart because they're dogs.

The dogs have no meat in them? Must be pretty floppy . . .

"Clueless actress..." Heh!

Clueless actress says her mutts have a healthy diet

Never in my life, until now, have I seen an ironic lack of quotation marks. Brilliant!

I'm so glad she shared that with us.

(*note to Alicia - that was sarcasm*)

My dogs don't fart either. And as long as the corks hold, they WON'T!

My dogs don't fart either cause they're dead.

My dogs fart and so do I and we're all .....farty!

'If you're walking along the sidewalk in New York, people might give them meat because they don't know they're vegan,' she says.

Yes, everytime I see Alicia on the streets in New York I pull out the piece of top sirloin in my back pocket and give it to her dogs.

I blame mine on the dog.

wait, alicia - of course, if they are vegan they are kosher, but let's make sure they have a rabbinic stamp. dogs will eat cat turd right out of the litter box. vegan....alicia, get over yourself. and give your dog a damm piece of steak. crikey!

queensbee: Our dog is our cat litter box cleaner. saves me lots of time.

My dogs fart.

Wait, I thought being vegan made you fart even more. Maybe Alicia needs to get her hearing checked.

My dogs don't fart and so do I.

The first step is admitting they have a problem, Siouxie.

Where is mudstuffin when he is needed?

My dogs eat vegans..

You know what? I had a bean burrito last night - strictly veggies. It didn't work out the same as the dogs. Sadly. For me. And the neighbors. And maybe people down the street.

I had boiled squash last night. And this morning I found the comforter on the stairs. I'm just sayin'...

vegans would eat, like a lotta beans and stuff.... um..... maybe it comes out the ears.

Dog...Canis lupus familiaris... Canidae... Carnivora. Dogs are biologically in the order of Meateaters. Something does not seem right about feeding them plants and nothing else.

(Yes, Canis lupus is the wolf. Dogs are genetically a subspecies of wolf.)

SNORK! at bali's flying comforter!

If I had a dog, I'm sure he would fart. It's a Rule of Law: All dogs and guys fart.

And, aren't dogs carnivores? And, don't beans (part of a balanced vegan diet!) give gas?

What am I missing here? Oh...nothing! Except maybe another martini.

Dogs howl at the moon
They also fart a lot
Am not mudstuffin

Silverstone is such a ditz, I'd bet that she refuses to eat Jenny Craig because she is not a lesbian.

SNORKs - continuously - at Bali's comforter line.

I don't own a dog, but that hasn't stopped the farts.

Key quotes:

"I eat delicious food but without cruelty."

"I really care about animals, there's so much unnecessary suffering going on."

So, Alicia, do you walk to school, or do you take your lunch?

"I eat delicious food but without cruelty."
Not me. I'm as cruel to my beans as I can be. First I stir them into a big pot with beef, tomatoes, and lots and lots of hot peppers. Then I boil them and let them simmer for a few hours. Then they go into the fridge overnight. Then back to a boil, more hot sauce and I dunk moldy cow milk (cheese) and corn bread into them.

Then I digest them slowly and let my digestive tract resurrect their odoriferous memory all night long.

As far as I know that counts for necessary suffering.

Bravo, Jay! Let's BBQ!... (no, the real BBQ, not the virtual bbq...)

'All four of my dogs are vegan, they don't fart any more! I eat delicious food but without cruelty.'

Boy, that is one abrupt topic switch there. All those veggies must be rotting her brain.

Alicia, Are you sure the dog doesn't fart? Did you forget to turn on your hearing aid? Nose stuffed up?
When you Give commands to that pooch,you must enumerate(And not slur) when you say,"SIT"
If he offers his paw to you,try pulling his toe.


Good point, Elon... I guess my post should have read:

Key quotes:

"I eat, like, ya' know, delicious food but without, like, ya' know, cruelty."

"I like really care about animals, there's, like, so much, ya' know, unnecessary suffering going on."

So, Alicia, do you walk to school, or do you take your lunch?

My dog is allergic to meat (turns his purple skin pink). He's vegan and farts up a storm. Don't all vegans smell bad?

You're dog is PURPLE, BA...? NORMALLY? (Moving on to different link...)

She's against animal cruelty, but how does she think her dog feels when it wants prime rib and she tosses over a head of iceberg lettuce?

Why is it that all these tree-hugging "nature" freaks are always fighting against it?

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