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June 25, 2008


Bra to boost voter turnout

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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My FIRST thought is about hanging chads...

A dangling chad walks into a bra...

Can I probe her for election fraud?

*SNORKS!!!!!!!!!!!* Annie!

*Pulls lever*


I dunno, the idea has a couple of good points.

LOL Annie!

Careful. Too many hanging chads and pulling levers can lead to a pregnant chad. Just sayin'

This may work better for Republicans, since they're used to padding their elections. Especially if her g-string accepted campaign contributions.

Women need inspiration, too. Where's our dangling Chad?

Do they have a special bra-less bra for those of us who preper our candidates to be independent?

Loved the giant octupus...

yeah, yeah, "octopus"...in a garden

no. there is NOTHING they cant do. bras uber alles.

Not a good idea. I see sexual harassment charges in this era of touch-screen ballots.

I know that girl in the picture - I hear she's bi-partisan curious.

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