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June 25, 2008


Now they're working on a breast-powered iPod.

This has been your Boffin Update.

(Thanks to DavCat)

Clarification: We just took the extreme step of actually reading the article, and it appears that boffins are not actually working on this problem; it's just this one particular woman writing in Slate who's talking about harnessing her own personal boffins to power her iPod. We apologize for any confusion. We just get carried away whenever we see the word boffins. Boffins boffins boffins. Thank you.


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Key quote (just one among many!): "if breast power could be realised"

Any bloggerette who wants to charge her iPod - I have a trampoline in my backyard.

Punkin - can you charge my Prius?

That is not a good idea and it might be incredably painful, but what do I know? I don't have them.

WOW, two firsts in one day!! goes to buy lottery ticket

Somehow I don't think that would work for me personally.

The iTIT?

*snork* @ Siouxie. They need to harness 'ogle' power. The iPeek.

And Dave, thinkin' you should switch to decaf! Four posts in 8 minutes?!?!

"It's just a matter of finding the sweet spot," she replied.

The T-spot?

*suspects a shut-off regulator will be needed for some sizes to prevent over charging*

Powered by RAMPARTS!

It's not just the spots . . .

You think that bunny's energized now, wait 'til this hits the street.

“As a woman who loves sports, I've always found the concept of breasts bothersome..."

the concept of breasts!? concept?

The original story here.

"Tonignt only at Stripperama/Electrical Substation # 2!!! The Divine Molly M!!! Guaranteed to put out more that 3 megawatts!!! 2 for 1 Happy Hour until 7."

They need to harness 'ogle' power.

They have: go Ogle.com

It turns out that the physics of breast motion have been studied closely for the last two decades by a gamut of researchers, most of them women.

I woulda thunk it would be the men researchers.

“As a man who loves breasts, I've always found the concept of bras bothersome..." - kibby

I don't want to rain on the boffin-fest, but I thought "boffin" was slang for "smart, science-type person". Did I miss a memo in here somewhere?

kibby & bits....not just for (a doggy's) breakfast anymore.

I understand John Waters is already working on a futuristic movie about a society powered by hundreds of naked women jumping up and down...

I thought boffin was a verb as in:

Bob and Susie were caught boffin in the back seat.

I thought 'boffin' was the sound made when nerds did it.

In what can only be described as divine synchronicity, we can use breast power to run my new Head Spa.

Intrerestingly, if you try to hook this up to a man's TV, his brain will explode trying to decide which one to look at.

I thought boffin was part of the concluding verse of The Hokey Pokey.

quickly sweeps the extra r under the rug, letting it sleep there with the heroin(es).

Word of the day: boffin

JayP - which brain will explode?
Meanie - that's the JERSEY Pokey.

(sorry, Dave)

there is also the Boffin Island.

Hey, Siouxie was boffin' right, too.

HAH! I knewed it!

Siouxie is a boffin' expert. Werd.

Siouxie is a boffin' expert. Werd.

Whoa....7 minute interval. Boffin' bot.

As long as it's rechargable, Boob Power™ should be useful in recharging any Battery Operated Boyfriend device.

How come the British get to use more words than we do?

they've had the language longer...

As an aside, whenever someone mentions boffins, my brain thinks puffins. Kinda entertaining, really...

*Goes and sits in corner*

... they're slaves to their language, we're not.

*Waves @ Hammie!!!*
Stay in shape, Hammie, and you won't be puffin' so much. And pull up your pants. Your knickers are rafflin'.
*switches to decaf*

I am in shape. Ovoid is a shape.

Somewhere, Russ Myers is saying "damn, I wish I had thought of that"

Braniff, I think Russ harnessed their power quite well.

Off and raffle yer boffin!

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!*

Personal Boffins = Ramparts!?

... the things you learn on this blog ...

Only one wrong, whoo-hoo!

MKJ, I believe the term is 'wooo-hoo.' ;p

Not sure how Woody Allen will take this news...

MKJ, I believe the term is 'wooo-hoo.' ;p

Posted by: Artie Fact | 12:05 PM on June 25, 2008

and in britspeak it's Worcherstershire-hoochestershire.

...And how the Boffins of Bag-End will take it, the boobs.

Oh, do you know the boffin' man, the boffin' man, the boffin' man? Oh, do you know the boffin' man, that (does grammatical correction in spite of official lyrics) who lives on Drury Lane?

Somehow "Boffins of Bag-End" sounds like a movie Frodolives would enjoy...

Can't we get a picture of her "Personal Boffins", Dave?

touché, Jay! (mumbles to self, stay in character, ALWAYS stay in character)

AF: guess I spent too much time in Yurp . . .

I would like to apply for a job in the Research & Develoement sector of this industry.

If this is workable I'd bet Dolly Parton could jump-start a Volvo.

I wonder if there's a difference between all-natural and synthetic.
*volunteers to perform the testing.*

for reasons unknown, when i see the word boffin, i read the word puffin, and well, it makes for some interesting headlines.

This is what they are referencing. Shake it and it powers up, and yes, it does work better when a girl shakes it. Vigorously. Um, did I say that out loud?

Boffin with a 'g' added can mean something entirely different here in Scotland.

It's entirely possible to create electricity, using two attached bicycle headlamp generators (In tandem?)

The output(of course,)depends on the size of and type of equipment...

Example: E = I x R (Equipment Equals
Inertia multiplied by Rack size.

For instance If if two tandem A cups
are wired in series, the sustained electro-motive force gained will be equivalent to one AA cell (3VDC) BUT,if connected in parallel,(By, say, two Dykes would put out the out put of Four lantern batteries. (24VDC)

Those of you who are AC/DC,may have to incorporate a rectifier and an overload switch orjust a jumper cable.


wouldn't it just be easier if all the bloglits put their (not there or they're) cell phones together to make popcorn?

SNORK at JayP's British translation.

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