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June 24, 2008


The World Nettle-Eating Championships


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Beer and other drinks were on hand to help competitors get through the ordeal.

As if that needed to be written.

Projectile Urtica diocia - what the contestants did after eating nettles, caterpillars, slugs and beetles.

"Nettle-eaters compete at nettle-eating championships"

Well, that's a relief. I'm glad I could convince them not to enter the skydiving competitions.

I'm thinking that guy who won is not kissing anyone anytime soon!

Ewwww that tongue!

First prize - 5 ampules of epinephrine!

I don't think I'd want the front row seat at any eating competition. That would be like a Gallagher show gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Not that they weren't already wrong in the first place.

OK, I'll say it.

If it hurts that much going in...

and they are up to the finish line, and it's Mike "Eeyore" Howard!

He's gonna have a piglet-sized pooh later on.

"Mmmph prw glbbh phtt nargle plimph..."

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