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June 24, 2008


Boy George denied U.S. visa


(Thanks to Jay P and jon harris and Hammond Rye)


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Time to replace 'boy' with 'creepy fat' . . .

And they have to keep Madonna too . . .

So Britain offers a Boy George for a Martha Stewart. Time to throw in a Roseanne Barr and see if they'll bite.

are you sure that's not kirstie ally?

"Mr. George, your only recourse at this time is to have yourself stuffed into a 1-quart resealable bag and placed in your checked luggage."

How come he's known as "Boy" George? Is this a reference to his gender or predeliction?

His trouble really started during the pre-boarding pat down: the moaning gave it away.

It's not generally known that during his early years as an entertainer, George used to sing at bar mitzvahs, but in those days he was called Goy George.

The Brits were keen for George to leave the UK, because, as they stated, they had one George too many. The response from the US was "So do we".

How about if we agree to take Boy George but they have to take Rosie O'Donnell ?

"Mr. George, your only recourse at this time is to have yourself stuffed into a 1-quart resealable bag and placed in your checked luggage."

Posted by: Hammond Rye | 04:10 PM on June 24, 2008

The reason Boy George is in trouble is because he called NYPD to report the male prostitute he hired had robbed him. The police arrived to find several gallon sized baggies filled with several kilos of cocaine sitting on his desk. Had they been quart sized, he might have been allowed back in the US.

YAY to Hammie being posted!

After looking at that photo, I have to say yes, I do really want to hurt him. I do really want to make him cry.

He probably did a lousy job cleaning up the streets of NYC.

So we keep out people that get arrested for drugs, but if they're clean and sober religious fanatics, and are just coming here for a few months to learn how to fly a jumbo jet into a skyscraper, they're OK?

He has smart lawyers They once convinced a magistrate to reduce a charge of "Buggery"to...

"Following too close"


MtB's winning entries work here as well.

Nicely done, that.

Once he was on the cutting edge; as part of a club scene he wasn't so bad. When Culture Club were warming up in the 70s in NYC for Talking Heads or Television or Greg Kihn(he should be in the Remainders!), they were amusing and satirical. When they tried to market him as your daughter's new gay best friend, he lost his cred, and pretty soon his talent, looks, and mind as well.
When he dies, they will hail him as a misunderstood genius. Right now, they're not returning his calls.

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