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June 25, 2008


To the North Pole, Alaska, lawnmower driver who allegedly led Alaska state troopers on "a slow-speed chase that covered several lawns."

(Thanks to sjhaller and Jeff Meyerson and Chuck)


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Bad Santa?

What's everyone complaining about? They got their grass cut for free, right?

OK, let's cut to the chase.

How many North Pole men does it take...

LOL I'd love to see some video of that exciting chase.

Clearly this guy is a bad influence...

Dave, I say make him an honorary member of the Lawn Rangers!

They were able to apprehend him only when he stopped the mower to edge a sidewalk.

psssssst...dude?? you missed a spot.

And the locals got pissed off with the cops, least they coulda done was wait till he finished cutting the lawns.

Amazingly, this didn't happen in Cairns... or Miami.

North Pole? Lawns? Man, this global warming is outta control!

TDPC, I always wondered how Santa spent his days in June.

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