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May 22, 2008


But that's no excuse.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Well, would you do that sober?

Let's just let Chuck Darwin do his job.

And young enough for Darwin to have won!

OT to Sio\
Sio, no kisses for me, please. Swing by a drugstore and grab a shower cap for him to sign. :]

OMG! i've been to The Canyon 3 times and it is awesome. and scary as hell to someone with "High Anxiety" which i have.

i cannot imagine ...

no really i just can't.

what a loon.

moves grand canyon further up the priority list of places to drink see.

they got hoaxed: http://www.snopes.com/photos/natural/canyonleap.asp

9toes, it says in the article that the rocks do join a little further down and that it's the OTHER side that has the furthest drop.

Still, I'm NOT trying that any time soon.

"For those who find their heart skipping a beat just looking at these photographs, it may of some comfort to know that the two rocks are actually joined together lower down."

Yes, I would still be cowering behind a rail, harnessed to an embedded anchor, wearing a parachute.

[cg will ride the mule down and go near the edge; I will remain in the hot-tub that has cold beers and no High Dive board]

And a bungee chord, Meanie.

CJ - no time for the shower cap but I'll do it next time. I'm off!

Later dudes!

if that would have been me, i would have left my car keys back on the little rock.


Just a desperate attempt at securing a flip-flip endorsement contract.

Whatever. Until he hands his friend his Budweiser and says, "Hey y'all, watch this!" in the back of a pickup truck riding through a rock quarry I'm not impressed. Just sayin'...

I'm not one for heights, and I still don't think that it was a safe jump to make, no matter how "short" the distance. I'd be with CJ, in the hot tub far away from the edge.

At least he didn't litter.

I was fine peering over the rim until a gust hit me from behind.

I had to focus more carefully to make sure I read Annie's post correctly. I hadn't.

Reminds me of the final scene in "Outrageous Fortune" when Shelley Long grand-jetes across the ledges, or buttes, or whatever they are.

I saw this like 2 years ago. How do they get away making a fake article about this?

as a transplanted arizonite, I've been to the canyon once or twice. the best trip was when my 100 pound sheperd wanted a closer look and almost pulled me over the edge. and she was sober.......

I cannot believe a "news" site posted this...


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