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May 23, 2008


Do not mess with them.

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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Hey, he could be telling the truth. It has been known to happen...sometimes.

OK, the guy's probably a slug, but I don'[t want to see his naked butt, especially after the last item.

if anyone needs me, i'll be rumaging around for embarrassing photos of the x.

"coincidentally"? HA!

... and other than his name on the sign, HOW do we really know it's his?

If she were really cruel, she would have put his girlfriend's phone number on it.

We won't . . .

Speaking of girlfriend's. WHERE'S HER BUTT PICTURE!?


oh, good point kibby! abandons search for pics of actual x.....

I'm sure I, and many other women of this blog, could come up with a better revenge...

"lying, cheating, two-timing arse"? That's a nasty crack!

Kibby, we report, you decide. Jeff, do not look.

They should introduce this woman to the pennied-driveway woman. It would be Thelma and Louise all over again.

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