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May 21, 2008


Dad wants this.

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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That's a pretty good price...

He gets a pulsejet thrust? Sure, and all I got for Mother's Day was a plant.

Bonne trouvaille, chapeau . . .

We would like to be on record as pointing out that while the pulse jet will propel a bicycle and rider at 75MPH, the brakes on a bike are good for maybe 20MPH and the tires not much more.

But it's your own trip...

"Pulsejet Thrust" wbagnfa BOB.

(annie told me)

online translation:
Good lucky find, hat . . .

"Pulsejet thrust" was the cause of my parents (and many others) wedding. IYKWIM AITYD.


Med - that would imply that pulsejet thrust would also be the cause of you, IYKWIM

Perfect for grill-sword jousting!

A perfect attache for the ardent tornado photographer

Look what I can do!!

And you're sending them my way.

"What do you mean you finished your paper route in 3 minutes?"


Ha ha! That always makes me laugh.

Um...does it come with batteries??

Schade, the guy who got sucked into one in the premiere of "Lost" wasn't laughing. Same for that goniff Mal Reynolds pushed into a jet engine in "Firefly". 'Course he had it coming, but still...

"Mr. Darwin?? Paging Mr. Darwin..."

So THIS is where he gets all those great toys!

If he's the world's best pulsejet builder, how does he not know that pulsejets do *not* have turbines?

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