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May 27, 2008


...in a world where a man can't brandish his sword in Macy's.

(Thanks to Siouxie and sjhaller)

Update (thanks to Jeff Meyerson): The New York Post is all over this important story.

Update (thanks to Justin Barber): Here's another story. This blog had no idea that kickball was such a rowdy sport.

Key Quote: We at Los Piratas Mechanicos (The Mechanical Pirates) ARRR like a family.We bring props, dress up like pirates, wear eyepatches and say ARRR all the time. We fly flags and throw water balloons. This is what we do.


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We are men...Men in tights!

A guy wearing a pirate outfit, brandishing a sword, and he's a kickball player. Anybody wanna bet that this guy still lives with his parents?

Would the story read differently if it was a nice shiny sword?

ARRRRR!!!!! Avast ye mateys and hand over the Chanel No. 5.

So does this make Los Piratas Mechanicos the official kickball team of the blog?

The Robot Pirates - of course - WBAGNFARB, as would The Government Kickbacks.

Key lines: "But we're all family here. We were planning a baby shower for his kid. We were going to deck it out with pirate flags."

To which one can only add, "Arrr!"

He went from his home in Brooklyn to Macy's in Manhattan, on his way to the park in Brooklyn near his home? He must have been partaking in some pre-game smoke.

Stories like this bring a tear to my eye.
(Of course, the other is covered by a patch...)

Arrrr! My hero!

Of COURSE no one noticed on the subway. The subways are FULL of sword-carrying pirates. But Macy's is generally too hoity-toity for that kind of crowd.

"MetroCard; check.
Pot; check.
Rusty sword; check.
OK, I'm all set. Let's roll"

A very sad day indeed. IF it had been Johnny Depp, I'm SURE they would have let him go.

Braniff77: Greenpoint is really hard to get to from the rest of Brooklyn.

I"m guessing his teammates care somewhat less about the sword than the pot.

*snork* @ PB! From the initial headline on this page, I really thought it was going to be an article about how the New Kids on the Block have reunited and are touring again. *whimper*

Lairbo, yes Greenpoint is hard to get to, but the park he was going to is in Greenpoint, where he lives. What's really tough is getting from Greenpoint to Herald Square, since the G doesn't go to Manhattan.

Braniff77 (aka "grasshopper"): The guy plays kickball dressed like a pirate, carries his sword and pot around publicly; from him you expect logic?

Jackson also was carrying a Super Soaker water gun, although police did not consider it a dangerous weapon.


Excellent point, Lairbo.

ps: besides, the Macy's in Brooklyn has a lousy selection of eyewear.

Rare team footage from their early years, about 1:50 in on this clip.

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