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May 22, 2008


In honor of Sen. Larry Craig, the St. Paul Saints minor-league baseball team is giving away this miniature bathroom stall:
(Thanks to Danny)


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The batting instruction method:

Ride the horse
Test the ice
Squish the bug

takes on new meaning in a minor league baseball giveaway context.

OMG. Now that gives bobblehead an entirely new meaning.

(heh, heh - I said .....)

For those who like to play ball.


Where's the TP?

Would like to point out that there could be a booblehead. We just can't see it.

Minor league teams have the funnest promotions.

Geez, Meanie; that line was already in the article. Two demerits, made up for by your fine Handgun Safety test!

I can only imagine what the Sen. Wellstone homage was...

Meanie, I sympathize. I couldn't think of a single tacky remark that the ball club hadn't already put in their press release.

Heh. I said "ball club."

Estro, they save the boobleheads for Morganna Night.

What happens when you open it?

Geting to first base with four balls just got icky. NTTAWWT.

Since it's a "head," shouldn't the whole thing bobble?

MKJ: all that needed was the disclaimer "Closet not included".

cj - what? The article didn't say "gives bobblehead"....

The nazi regime now forbids tap dancing in the bathroom cabin... what's next?

Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the stall ...

What's next? How about politicians who don't preach one thing and do another?

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