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May 23, 2008


...should you click here.


(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)

p.s. Really.


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Why didn't I listen? This makes BM pics look good.

Siouxie, could you pass the brain bleach, please?

OMG!!! A little warning next time, ple... oh, wait...

That is just WRONG!!


Steve, I thought the same thing!

Like on the last episode where the reporter at the Oceanic 6 news conference remarks how healthy they look considering how long they had to fend for themselves on the island and Hurley says "Was that directed at me?" No rancor, just taking it all in stride. Cooooool, dude ...

*doesn't click*


WHY did I have to click? AArrrrggh!

Dang, that's nasty! Gluuurkk....

*pukes in mouth*

"Get inna my belly!"
Maybe he just has an 'outie' belly button. That exploded with fat.

For her sake, I hope she was passed out drunk. Or blotto to the point that she had no recollection of this the next day. Other than the photographic evidence of course.

*is glad he didn't click*


(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)

Yeah. Thanks, Peter!

A whole new variation of the fine art of "teabagging".

'scuze me while I puke...

*calmly removes eyeballs and incinerates them*

Eyeballs!!!??? You mean those weren't marshmallows??

Did you know that the starfish eats sea urchins by extruding its stomach to engulf its prey? I don't know why I suddenly thought of that...

um, seems she was after his ponderous whatever instead of his naughty bits. well duuuuh, duh, but yuckayucka.

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