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May 23, 2008


Key Quote: Wednesday afternoon, around 3:30, there was some kind of malfunction that caused the toilet to burst into flames.


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Cincinnati Toilet Fire - excellent NFARB.

somewhere is a joke about hot fudge

I guess the trial run for the new jalapeno sundae is ending early.

I heard a rumor that something like this happened at the Post Hunt. Something about a port-a-john and a frayed electrical connection.

They put it out with ice cream?

Toilet = ceramic + water

*wonders where fire comes in*

AH! Those incinerating types! Makes one get off the seat quicker!

The sign says "rest rooms are for customers only" -- so an igniting bathroom could be the result of not presenting a properly dated receipt to the scanner at the door.

Kibby, I blame Tim Russert.

"Hot Commode-ditty"
There once was a gal in West Chester,
Who's toilet continually festered,
Too much bad soft-serve,
Worked the woman's last nerve,
The Cone's smokin' commode must've stressed her.

Ice Cream Flavor of the Month: Blazing Saddles

Never again will I order the jalapeno ripple.

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