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May 22, 2008


Mr. Ridley Pearson reports that he just heard a St. Louis radio ad for a band called "The Well Hungarian."

Update: Here's their website.

(Thanks to -- and we are not surprised -- Siouxie)


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They must play at a lot of balls...

And quite popular with the women...

I know Dave's mentioned them in one of his columns but I have had the distinct pleasure of seeing "Big Dick and the Extenders" LIVE in Key Largo. Now THAT's a GREAT name for a band.

And of course they plat at Woodys

Rising stars...

Great band! If you like Eastern European rock, the Giant Poles are awfully good, too.

Ladies and Gents - give it UP for...The Well Hungarians!

Aryans, as described or otherwise, were originally from central Asia...

Sadly, they do country. I'm so disappointed.

Official Website - Well Hungarians.

They're kinda cute.

Heyyyyyyyyyyyy! what is wrong with Country???

You take the one in plaid. I'll take the one in blue.

Nothing's wrong with country per se. But with the name, I was expecting something else. Punk, grunge, not country.

I am glad he is feeling well.

That's okay, I'll stick with this Hungarian, who -- as throngs of swooning women in his audiences could testify -- was every bit as potent onstage and off as any rocker today ...

I was thinking of 'The Well Hung Agrarian.' But that's nothing new.
Speaking of huge, tornado in Fort Collins today.
(if it doesn't load, go to cnn.com main page)

I'm guessing they play long sets.

Well HAIL!!

"Dude, great band! Do they do an encore?"

"Yeah, but for some reason it takes them about 20 minutes to get ready again."

I bet their amps go to 11.

HAR! Hammie.

Bet they get a standing "O" every time.

Beats the heck out of the Mad Hungarian. Great name for a rock band but a marginal pitcher out of the bullpen.

remember when country singers looked, well, country?

Was Goering a member?

*Busy, busy, busy checking Expedia for flights to STL.*
Don't worry, Sioux. Wl leave tomorrow - know we've got plans for the evenng.

And when Western singers looked

Nothing wrong with stirring it up a little. As long as your husband gives you permission, of course.

the 'well hungarians', they'll Magyar girlfriend swoon!
their 'booty passed' inspection!

There is always Bocephus!

Do they play in pubic places?

I meant pubLic - pubLic places!

Perhaps my previous question was too goulash?

Do they have a stand-up bassplayer?

The perfect band to open for The Jackofficers.

ec! yeah I'll see ya in a bit at the book signing.

CJ - want me to give Carl a kissipoo for you?? ;-P

Siouxie, kiss Carl for ME! (slip him a little tongue, if you don't mind)

Nice panhandle there, Oklahoma.



siouxie, i love big dick!

um...me too, cg


*SNORK!*@ Dave's "This Just In"

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