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May 26, 2008


Noisy Swazi cockerels face chop

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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I guess some people are sensitive to the sound of breaking glass. :shrug:

Well--THAT would be a Great name for a rock band!

Maybe that headline will make more sense after coffee.

They could play with Spanish Baby Jump, Jerzy.

Hey, that's my upstairs neighbor!

I thought it was about Nazis...definately need more coffee.

>the 14 yr old inside takes over and coffee spews out of the nasal nose passages<

"It's not like that. There are a few people, here and there, who are rearing cocks"

AND there are a few people, here and there (mostly here), who are raising dicks... Just sayin'...

Jacki: I also misread that until I was fully caffienated and put on my glasses. I got "Nosy Nazis". I also imagined a very different "chop" than what was in the article (can you say "capon"? Me neither).

Either way, ouch.

*would like to chop a few cocks that well deserve it and NOT for being noisy*


*keeps sharpening machete*


Sooz, the one cock that needs chopping is the King of Swaziland, King Mzwati the 2nd. He takes a new wife every year aged anything from 12 upwards. He has bought every one of his wives a new BMW and has recently bought himself a Maybach (about $ 300,000). This while 80% of his subjects live in poverty.

Key quote:
"It's not like that. There are a few people, here and there, who are rearing cocks and those cocks, the moment they make noise, they irritate our residents," he said.

"People have been complaining about cocks that make noise"

There are so many things to say about this, I can't even decide where to start.

I've had lots of coffee now, perhaps too much, but it still looks like Noisy Nazis to me. As for the whole cock thing, there is just too many instances upon which to comment.

*not gonna comment on a Noisy Cock Ring*

nope...not gonna do it.

I thought Noisy Nazis also....gotta admit that noisy cocks irritate me more.

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