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May 23, 2008


Montezuma deputies chase slow driver.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Geez! Maybe he was listening to a Berlitz tape. That makes ME drive slowly.

Suspicion of vehicular eluding? That WBGNF something. I didn't even know there was such a charge.

D o n ' t

t a s e

m e

b r - - - - - - -

Um, what was the question?

Slow-dances With Wolves.

"It ended near the Eagle Claw liquor store.."

i just KNEW alcohol was involved.

Since when has a chase been described as 'eluding?'

JEEZ, Can't a guy try to get more mileage from a gallon of starbucks priced petrol??


Technically, it was attempted eluding.

*Pictures Steve McQueen, James Bond, The Duke Boys, and Burt Reynolds all laughing their buttocks off*

BORN TO BE WILD...on second thought...

*zaps in and out*

*spent all day at the beach with daughter's art class and I'm exhausted*

Nite all!!

*wanders into the old blog bar, grabs a brewski and waits to see if any other late night stragglers arrive*

I never, ever go to Colorado on friday nights. Payday. Liquor. Autos. Injuns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She smacks you once, she smacks you twice
But still you return
The bruise is so fresh you can feel it swell
But you don't ever learn
You've been taught, you've been told
You've been rocked until you roar
But you stand there snorkin',
'Cause there ain't no cork in
That box o' wine she pours
When she says "Whut?" in all innocence
It's such a clever masquerade
She's so good with her machete
You don't even see the blade
You don't see the blade

(Happy Birthday, Siouxie!)

Slinks in®

You say it's her birthday?

Happy Birthday to Siouxie!

An oldie but a goodie. (Not Siouxie, the card, silly.)

Off to the dentist!
Slinks out®

(PS: Thanks for the Stiletto earwig, Meanie. LOVE that album.)

What audacity! Siouxie is too a goodie!

*Dons machete- and cat claw-proof head-to-toe armor and invisibility cloak, runs at break-neck speed in unspecified direction*

Happy Day, Siouxie!!!

*tosses smooches across the intersection of 99th and Kendall*

Happy birthday Sooz. Have a great day and to hell with the consequences.

since they caught him, can't they only charge 'attempted eluding'?

"we got him, captain, eluding, resiting arrest, the whole shebang."

"did you tase him?"

"you betcha! got to show theses scofflaws who's boss!"

"if he's still moving, charge him with 'premeditated twitching', if not, 'conspiracy to cease bodily functions'. "

(and happy birthday, siouxie!)

Happy Birthday, Siouxie! Sorry I didn't have enough flour for a cake ... !

Steve, cuuuuute kitty!

Hey guys!! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! ya'll have made my day, so far!

(Meanie, that was great, one of my fav BJ songs too!)

Off to lunch and shop with my girls!~

3-5 MPH, and thay couldn't WALK beside the car, reach in, and turn the engine off?!?... Spike strips and tasers seem extreme...

*faugh!* "they"...

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