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May 25, 2008


Mystery deepens as 4th severed foot found

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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*Groans at Dave's headline*

Things don't seem to be getting off on the right foot with this post.

And by the way, speaking as a resident of the area, this latest one was also a right foot...

Junior shark:Ah, mom, I HATE right feet!
*stuffs right foot in napkin and tosses into the tide*

They won't get far on...oh, never mind.

Somebody call Alex Cross!

Everybody cut loose...foot loose...kick off your Sunday shoes...

I'm sorry. That was uncalled for. But I really like that song.

Please...Louise...pull me off 'o my knees...

daisymae -- or Kay Scarpetta!

LOL Cat! you are sick. I like.

♪ You put your right foot in...♬

The Hokey Pokey Bandit strikes again!

GMTA, machete maiden Siouxie.

*Dramatic chord*

^5 Mean one!!

Hey, I have two left feet, maybe I can help out somehow!

This is one case where both the perp and the victims may be unbalanced.

I lost some feet from my collection - what? - I just have a foot fetish..

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