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May 22, 2008


He was known for his massive gourds.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Let is be said that "Massive Gourds" WBAGNFA female RB starring Punkin.



We wish him Gourdseed.
(pssst - SJiouxie - whut ju do to jur name, mija?)

Aw, Cat, don't cry.... But it does make me wonder what they carved on his tombstone.

I changed it in honor of sjhaller and sjrun on the OTHER thread ;-P

Diva -- maybe this?

Thanks, Cat! That settles it. ;)

Did he have huge tracts of land for growing those massive gourds?


Jack o'lanterns have always been a hallowed tradition on Kobol...

Were his gourds "E" cuppers?

One of his pallbearers will be Bulimia Barbie.

Oh swell! Now where am I supposed to get my carriage for the party?!?!

A lot of people would die for "having been known for his massive gourds" engraved on their tombstone.

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