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May 23, 2008


Beware The Tortoise of Doom.

(Thanks to sjhaller and Jeff Meyerson)

(Yes, "Tortoise of Doom" would be a good name for a rock band.)


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. . . . if he is in a bad mood there's no telling what he may do.

Sounds like some coworkers over the years.

It says he's a North African Spur thighed. I used to know a dancer like that, but she moved faster than 4 m.p.h.

Had a 'run in' with a garden fork!? I wonder how IT made out?

"4 MPH Lung" sounds like an Olympic sport!

Poor Fred. He needs a new friend.

Bring it on, shell boy!

The next Indiana Jones movie?...

SNORK! at Steve's "hare".

I want to know the back story on that garden fork.

... dig, dig, dig,...thunk! What the....thunk!....THUNK! YOWCH!!!!!!!

I like the article about the Criminal Mastermind who attempted to rob a karate academy. "He is now recovering in the hospital."

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