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May 26, 2008


(Thanks to many people)


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here in America, they'd have slipped it in with the free kitten giveaway at the local W**Mart.

The couple, from the south German town of Memmingen, offered the boy for sale on their posting because ``he has become too loud".

They obviously need to work on their marketing skills. They should have targeted the hard-of-hearing demographic.

Hey dude, it was a joke.

We really wanted to trade him for a toaster.

My child is available for rental on a daily basis...

Creeping Fascism!


They should have started the bidding lower.

And when they are old he will probably jokingly kill them for his inheritance.

Babies might come cheap or even free, but the bills start piling up after that....

Can I put my college kids up for auction?? They're both toilet trained.

I'm shocked. Germans have a sense of humor?

I'm shocked. Germans have a sense of humor?

Sight unseen? Pig in a Poke?
Caveat Emptor :(Buyer Beware)

A lad named Vlad from Moscow,
Bought a mail order bride from Krakow.
When Ruth eventually arrived,
The lad,Vlad nearly died
In truth, Ruth alas, was a Bow Bow

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