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May 22, 2008


Woman strips after wolf whistles

(Thanks to sjhaller and sjrun)


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Uh-oh - who's operating the Putzmeister?

Police treated the incident "as a one-off."


*vows to start wolf whistling at the local ATM*

Shocking reporting. Where are the pictures?

Metro.co.uk reported that the stripshow stopped both the whistles and the construction. The link was at the bottom (no pun intended) of one of the other links published today. They also clarified the quote of the policeman.

I'll bet there is nice footage from the ATM camera.

The wolf-whistles stopped, but only to be replaced by prolonged applause and the throwing of small denomination currency.

Just a cultural misunderstanding. In Israel, wolf whistles are considered an invitation.

My mentor was in her late 60s or early 70s when she would attend company softball games wearing a cheerleader outfit.

One day in DC, she was cheering away when an Israeli delegation entourage passed. The Israeli bodyguards used the international Wolf Whistle as they passed, causing laughter all around.

The only problem was that the delegation was on their way to meet with my mentor's husband, among others.

The incident never found its way into the newspapers, but none of us ever thought of a Wolf Whistle the same way again.

It's the animal instinct.

Good one, pad.

Key "huh, WTFBBQ?" line: A woman who felt harassed when road workers whistled at her stripped naked in response, police said.

Haha. For what it is worth, a little insight into my life. We have a very attractive client. Some useless punks saw her park her car on the lot then proceeded to slash her tire when she left the car. Watching her get out and repair it was the intention. They then stood there and watched her get in the car with the newly flattened tire. Our security camera provides this evidence. We plan on contacting a state agency that deals with sort of crime and asking the state to pay for it. But hey what does this have to do with anything? Practices wolf whistle with purpose 8).

Message on ATM screen:

You requested $100. I can only give you singles at this time. What would you like to do?

___________________   __________________
Put them in my thong      Cancel
----------------------------------  --------------------------------

so this girl flunked stripper school, hmmm?

Crossgirl --
Stripping wasn't part of the curriculum at the yeshiva.

If she was fed up with the cheering, why didn't she try flashing her flamethrower instead of just flashing?

it worked???? that means we can wolf-whistle for another thousand years!!! woo-hoo!!

That's one way to get change for a twenty.

Several years ago I worked with a young woman (not unattractive) who came back to the office (in midtown Manhattan) after lunch one day and declared how men were disgusting, based on the whistling and other comments she had just heard outside. I'm not sure why she was surprised, as her thin blouse was unbuttoned practically down to her navel.

This approach to wolf whistles has never occurred to me.

Think those police officers started whislin' "Waltzing Matilda" while she was in their house? Or do civil servants not get the same show?

All the good looking girls should do this, even if nobody whistles, that'll stop 'em.

And if you put the cursor over this little picture you get a very helpful description.

Pics, or it didn't happen.

Now if Wolf Blitzer whistles in the newsroom at CNN will Paula Zahn strip down? I just thinking of ratings here . . .

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