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May 22, 2008


Did Tim Russert, or did he not, flatulate on television?

(Thanks to Mr. Alan Zweibel and Mr. Gene Weingarten)


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This matey votes aye

This reeks of conspiracy.

The talking heads really are full of hot air

This blows his carbon footprint to hell.

Pardon Russert is the word.

Well, that might explain why he was talking about people not appearing on his program.

Maybe he'll be nominated for a PUlitzer Prize!

i could definitely see a subtle change in his facial expression as if he was holding in a big laugh - just after the fart. a thing of beauty.

russert's report belied shyness
and promptly disposed of eye-dryness
for without fanfare or bombast
he read the words to be broadcast
and then demonstrated his guy-ness

I smell a cover up.

Good morning, guys!

Morning Siouxie! I always thought Russert was a windbag.

embarrassed, you ask? oh no doubt
while attempting to quietly spout
retaining the "fudge"
he gave gas the nudge
but then let the nether voice shout

There once was a guy name Tim,
who couldn't contain his rim.
He farted on air,
but didn't despair--
He thought chances of hearing it were slim.

Oh my Gawd, Tim Russert farted!
On the air no less, how retarded!
He smiled on the show,
because he heard his butt blow,
and figured, "Hey, look what I started!"

mrs. russert, her fists tightly curled
said "oh would that he'd been a girl
i would not know the pain
of familial shame
when tim cracked the one heard 'round the world"

He was just tooting his own horn.

Tim Russert just farted, oh my.
Isn't that just like a guy?
He was reading his script,
when his butthole pipped,
And the rest is history,

speaking of farts, and i'm not sure i am, i saw last night that craig ferguson read an email from our dear blog, asking for clarification on the whole "raffle your donut" thing, which was very cool cause he mentioned the blog (not The Blog, i mean the blog)as well and i kinda felt famous for like a half a second or something. he also mentioned the remainders and asked for a return gig.

Tim Russert just farted, oh my.
Isn't that just like a guy?
He was reading his script,
when his butthole pipped,
And the rest is history, sigh.

(the last word didn't transmit, apparently)

Excellent limericks.

Yeah, I saw the stifled laugh too.

At College Humor the other day, the following philosophical question was posed: Would you rather fart every time you had an orgasm, or have an orgasm every time you fart?

Peter, I'd take the latter and stock up on beans and cabbage.

Wait till the network honchos get wind of this.

Hi ubetcha!!

Mud - I think it was the s.b. that wrote to Craig. She's like in lust with him or something.

Hey Siouxie,

What's wrong with that? Craig Ferguson is totally HOT! :)

Inquiring minds want to know...

1. Did Craig clear up the "raffle your donut" question?

2. Hi, mud. Glad to see you back making pooetry. How have you been?


Flatulating Bunny

Miss C, he IS totally hot, I agree!

mudster, great poems, btw! I've missed them.

craig said that "raffle" meant "raffle" and "donut" meant "ass".

the email was signed "dave barry" and ferguson made a fuss about receiving an email from a celebrity.

ahhh...maybe then it was the Blog. (not saying that our s.b. isn't a celebrity amongst us).

That's even funnier if he didn't do it.

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