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May 25, 2008


Nudist German flights scrapped

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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great, now I've gotta fire my fluffer......

no 'snakes on a plane"?

fluff that d@*ned donut!

The 50 people with tickets would have boarded the flight in the eastern city of Erfurt fully clothed, but once on the plane would have been free to undress and enjoy the rest of the journey as nature intended.

Nature intended us to fly naked?

Nature intended us to fly?

(I will confess I was unaware that nudism was popular under communist rule. I have had my history lesson of the day.)

I thought we were raffling donuts this week.

Too bad, their new slogan could have been, "We Love to Fly; and it Shows!"

[apologies if that was on the original thread of this story. I don't remember it being used, though.]

I have to say that any time I have been around Germans, particularly German women, near any kind of water (pool, beach, etc.) they have had a startling propensity to go topless, regardless of the local norms. I was once at a high-end hotel pool where a German woman was sunbathing topless. A pool attendant went over to her and explained that that wasn't allowed here, and besides there were children present, etc. She nodded, draped her top over her chest. When the attendant was out of sight, off it went again. They went three or four rounds of this game.

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