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May 23, 2008


Somebody has invented eyeglasses that hold your chopsticks.

(Thanks to sarah j)


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Well, suppose I could take the forks off mine now....

If you have bifocals, can you hold two sets of chopsticks?

Stainless Steel tips - easily whiped!?

... been doing that to my wooden pair for 10 years now!

Nice color to them ...

Is that last diagram suggesting that after a lady uses the chopsticks she should stick them in her hair bun?

What, are they nuts? You could put an egg roll out with that thing!

I don't want to know what they mean by "whipped off".

Next up - contacts that double as soup spoons.

And good luck getting stainless steel chopstick/glasses past airport security.

Chopsticks that's nothin... My glasses have a little magnet on them that supports a sunglasses attachment. Rather engenious actually. The other day I was working in a confined space and realized tha the magnet is strong enough to hold a small screw driver that I was using. It was great, always available without having to look around for where I put it down. My daughter (she s two years old) thought it was very funny, though my wife said she just has not learned to be embarressed by me just yet.

*Adjusts bluetooth earpiece*
*Checks bl@ckberry*
*Reminds kids to put G@meboys on mute*
*Opens eyeglass frame, removes chopsticks*
*Prepares for traditional Oriental meal*

Don't forget these, Meanie.

I'll bet you do, Steve.

KJP - At least they don't show them in the hair before being used for eating.

**Cancels lazic surgery appointment**

I think it's just a sample of Brad's design/graphics work.

Here's his profile. Just graduated from Purdue.

Who knows, with this kind of publicity, he might just get that "job in the real world" right dern quick.

(Good luck, Brad. And if you do find work, thank your parents, and then the Blog. Feel free to send me a finder's fee. Oh, and sarah j, too, of course.)

They look like the BCGs you get in boot camp.

what the world needs. sign me up for a couple pr.

Those things are sharp, you could put an eye out . . . but you have the glasses on . . . oh, now I get it!

Now, you can text message,use a cell phone. shop on line AND eat Dim Sum while driving??

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