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May 21, 2008


Get him this


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Nobody needs to watch that much TV.

So, my brand spanking new 1080p is now obsolete? It still has that "new TV" smell.


Pure testosterone

I think I could fit that into a retro cabinet...or onto my laptop!

Great, now the whole neighborhood will know I watch "Hannah Montana".

I'm considering something along that line, but the child says "Why? He does not deserve that!!!

I...um,...*starts weeping at the thought of owning such a magnificent piece of technology*

Take care of that child. Nurture her/him. Feel the power of Samsung. It's good for her. Like I used to say about neato stuff when I was a child, "That's cock man!"

I TOLD you never to say that again, Young Man!! *prepares the Lifebuoy™*

I talked to my mother with this mouth. What? Mom?

Kathybear? I apologize. (had my figers crossed)

I guess if they can put Lester's perfect game on an iPod (yes, they did!), they can put a Barry Manilow concert on this.

Guys. They will do just about anything to hear those three little words.

By that I mean it's so big.

*snork* @ Cheryl!


you mean, it's not true?

I'm suddenly glad that I have not yet bought an HDTV.

LMAO Cheryl!

Certainly not these 3 - is it in???

I will confess that those big HDTV screens are really awesome for watching nature shows, Nova, etc.

I have probably 20 televisions. Only one will work after January 1st '09. I'm am going to be like Arnold Schwarznegger when He lived in Austria as a kid. He was so poor. His older brother brought a TV home one day and Arnold sat in front of it watching with great interest all day. Arnold commented later, "it was great and would have probably been even better if we had had electricity".

Playing Madden 09 is going to be far more enjoyable with that TV.

The DTV switchover is February 17, 09. I don't know where people are getting all these other dates.
Also, forget the TV, I'll take the model.

Yes, Cat. Almost as good as being outside.
CJ & lil rascal - separated at birth?

CJ, don't cry. I was kidding.

What's with the govt. giving away $40 gift cards so that people can upgrade their TVs? Wouldn't it be be better to help people upgrade their health insurance? Who cares if you have a new TV if you can't see it?

here we go.....

Merri Lee - are they Best Buy cards? Can you, like, buy dvd's with them?

I was upgraded to a Pediatrician with a Mexican degree working as a specimen collector for my goverment run health provider.

Merri, it's 'cause the govt stuck its nose in and mandated it. I do have an enormous collection of analog TVs and, yeah, you get to send me a $40 subsidy. In my opinion, 1 each $40 subsidy for every set that the govt mandated the digital tuner be required for!

I have never had an appendectomy. When the government starts providing my health care service, I am having tatoos made clearly spelling out which appendage is which. In case I am unconscious or something. And wake up in appointed hell.

The twins are here!

If the government ever takes over my health care, if I get shot I am going to just **** the bullet out instead of risk surgery.

Cat, I think HD is also really good for sporting events, in particular golf. The course is so gorgeous. Concerts are good in HD too.

*wonders if the government will provide adequate mental health coverage*

*wipes tears*

Thanks for the SNORKs, all. Intended and otherwise.

I love this blog.

Well, off to run some errands and still be back in time for the Boston Legal season finale. Denny is bound to kiss Alan on the lips sooner or later.

Slinks out®

I plan on getting my fair share of government supplied mental hare AND paid benefits. *Holds up sign at 4th and Broaday stating 'Will Work For Sex'* Carrys annie CPR quality doll with me.

I will have my hare mentally evaluated too. Rewinds Basic Instinct 2 to the opening scene.

Plans to never wash hand again.


[psst, he's the evil twin; Mom says she may have dropped him on his noggin, or maybe it was me, she couldn't be sure]

Which appendage should I have Dick The Brusier designated as tatoowise? Where have all the flowers gone. (Sings to self thinking positive thoughts about Peter, Paul and Mary and some members of the blog.)

That TV is bigger than my living room wall. Imagine watching the Astros beat the Cubs or the Yankees beating the Red Sux on something that massive?

I have one that's a bit too big, but I opened the doors at either end of the porch, so it fits.

It will suck for Pointy Ball, though, as I can't see either sideline.

Doc Rick! Hey, time for beer?

If your buying I'm sitting and drinking bali. CJ, just get yourself some binoculars so you can appreciate the full beauty of game. ;)

*waves at the evening crowd just wandering in*

Sure I'm buying, Doc. It's been a good week so far, and it's only Wednesday! *slides Doc a cold one*

*Wonders when the cost of buying one of these will be more than the cost of season tickets*

Thanks bali! :)
Meanie, you have to add in the cost of the gas to get to the ballpark. Then the price of the big screen isn't so bad.

I'm that kinda gal, Doc. Now, if only there were nachos...

That and the cost of beer or soda once you walk in the door. I've got tickets to see the Astros play the Yankees coming up in June and I'll pay a small fortune just to get there and have a couple of drinks as opposed to the total cost of the tickets for the game.

Nachos sound really good right about now bali. I'll have to see if Pablo's Pool Palace and Tex-Mex Grill delivers past 7:30 CST.

bali, any Jack Daniels on yer shelf? If so, one with rocks, please....

*raises hand*

If you're pouring JD for Blue, I'll take one too, please. :)

*slides Meanie a double* I actually made nachos, so I'll share, Doc Rick. Lots of green chilis!

Sorry, El, another for you, dear.

Ahhh. Now, that's refreshing. Been a long while since I had one of those. Thank you, bali.

Whoa!! Was that lightning over there? --------->

*snatches nacho*

[I know, "Gesundheit"]

Whoa, Meanie, how'd you know I'm a sucker for lightning? I woke up to a dandy thunderstorm or three this morning. It's like the best day ever!

I don't mind the high concession prices and Jags tickets aren't too expensive. I stopped buying tickets before I moved because of the predominant experience.

If you're at a game, it is constantly being stopped for commercials, penalties, reviews, etc. Except folks in the stands can't go get a beer, or hit the head. That's bad enough, but the modern stadium insists on blaring their PA at you at a painful volume, with commercials and (in the Jags' case) wildcat calls. It's awful. The live experience is good for kids' games, but forget that 50,000 people scene if you actually want to watch a game!

CJ, you and my dad have a lot in common. He can afford to go to a number of ballgames a year and chooses not to because it's too dang loud. I've gotten to the point where I agree with him. Having the 7th inning set up guy's music making my ears bleed just ain't worth it.

Dunno, bali. You just kind of struck me as that type ;)

uh oh, Meanie and El drinking Jack? Can I join you if that stool is available?

Dang, Meanie. I hate being obvious.

I'll happily skip the Jack and drink a nice, quiet Shiner Bock while I watch everybody else get hammered happy. That being said I could stand to get my drink on tonight. *hehe*

(Pictures Karl Malden on the screen...) "Three suggestions for a gift for Dad in a single day... what will you do... what will you do?"

Anybody else notice Dave posts these things several weeks ahead of Father's Day? Anybody else think, "Hmm, fishing?"

frodo, with that name I expected a Martini.

Hey Doc,

Why not try this?:


(sorry, left my instructions on linking to a site at work; you know, that which causes that bluie thing to highlight your word so people can just click on it and go directly. **Note to self- bring those instructions home**)


vodka martini... dry... shaken, not stirred...

frodo's lonk.

l I nk. dammit.

Well, dang, Frodo, THAT was confusin...

bali, I hope you want to buy the vowel "i" to replace the vowel "o"... otherwise, it just sounds obscene (NTTAWWT). Plus, clicking on your "link" doesn't lead directly to the vid I was trying to send, but being new at this, don't know if mine does either...

btw, "frodo's lonk" WBAGNFARB... just sayin'

Well, frodo, I copied and pasted your link, so I hardly think it's MY fault. Just sayin...

OMG, where did that link take you, bali?

Good to know Frodo has a lonk. I do too but I tend not to brag about it. ;)
I've asked a female to "get me a beer, bitch" twice in my life. In both cases I was in my early 20's and wound up wishing I'd been slapped like the guy in the commercial. Just sayin....

For the record I'm 39 so I learned my lesson early on.

Okay, I'm officially going to bed. Alone. Goodnight, y'all.

And yes my mom found out about it in both cases and let me know how much of a jackass I was. I still have a scar over my right eye as proof that she had a point.

**SNORKS at Doc Rick** I can neither confirm nor deny whether or not I have a lonk, based on the Patriot Act...

Well Frodo, in the interest of national security I think it's best we just leave things where they stand. I'd have to guess but I'm thinking a lonk isn't a weapon of mass destruction. I have been known to be wrong from time to time.

DR- ceasefire accepted. (Wishing my lonk was a mass weapon of ANYTHING, but 'parently not)

Don Corleone: You talk about vengance. Is vengance going to bring your son back to you or my boy to me? I forgo the vengance of my son. But my youngest son had to leave this country because of this Sollozzo business. So now I have to make arraingments to bring him back safely cleared of all these false charges. But I'm a supersticious man. And if some unluck accident should befall him, if he should be shot in the head by a police officer, or if should hang himself in his jail cell, or if he's struck by a bolt of lightening, then I'm going to blame some of the people in this room and that, I do not forgive. But, that aside, let say that I swear, on the souls of my grandchildren, that I will not be the one to break the peace we have made here today.

Of course, it could just be the JD, but I keep seeing your name as "frod olives".

Nice to meet you, in any case.

*zaps in*

American Idol is over on the East coast and I have sworn not to divulge the results because I fear the wrath of Eleanor the west coasters. All I will say is that it was the BEST finale show so far, IMHO. And I will say no more.

And now back to your regular blog programming....

*zaps out*

Meanie, you crack me up!!! (from frod olives...)

Siouxie, I'm assuming David won. Oh wait...

Any of the evening crowd still around? I could do with a Jim Beam Black, neat... (hint hint)

Rick, you are correct! David won.

*duct tapes mouth*

BTW, welcome frodolives. Seen tonight's bartender anywhere?

Dude, Jim Beam Black comin' up... neat? rocks? Don't know where the regular bar tender went, but since no one's apparently in charge...

btw, I'm guessing you don't want a lonk with that... just askin'...

oh, btw, even if you were thinking about lonk, just stop thinking now.

Craig Fergusen is talking about Dave RIGHT NOW!


morning folks...........back from trip....missed the fun. Welcome FRODo ;-)
Mot....if you are there, I just got back from playing The ANGC..I think I set the course record....but not the record I wanted to ;-)

My! where are my manners??

Welcome frodo! (first thought it was olives too)

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