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May 22, 2008


You can sell pretty much anything on Craigslist.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Be on the lookout for a flying squirrel on a backhoe.

...the temptation to sell a nice rack on the Internet could get others into trouble...

true, true

One down, one to go.

Will she do the same the next time a dying moose wanders her way?

"Well, I think I would chase it out of my yard before it died," she said with a laugh.

A møøse once bit my sister...

I had a haunch someone would post this story...

No realli! She was Karving her initals on the møøse with the sharpened end of an interspace tøøthbrush given by Svenge - her brother-in-law - an Oslo dentist

*SNORK!@ Cat*

Fixated minds think alike. And grin a lot.

If only those people who found the dead horse on their property in the Redlands had thought of this. I'm sure Team Metro wasn't nearly as helpful!

oneblank, I think that was an "intergalactic" toothbrush... though it's been a while since I've seen it. (*Note to self: Things to do after work- 1) Go to post office, 2) Pour self a stiff drink, 3) Watch Holy Grail.)

It is amazing what people will take if it's free. I've gotten rid of a Win98 computer, a broken lamp, and two random left-handed golf clubs on CL, just by posting FREE! Next time a dead squirrel ends up in my yard, maybe I'll try getting rid of it that way.

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