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May 23, 2008


(Thanks to Cathy Connolly)


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see a penny pick it up, and again and again and again.

Shoddy reporting, as there was no mention of how much the payment was.

My late father in law would have cleaned up big time.

Did he bail out of jail with coins?

... now, if he'd super glued them down ...

"2nd Degree Harrassment"? ... is that like a burn or something? Get blisters?

Wow. There's no acrimony there....

Alimony, acrimony. It's pretty much the same, jug.

Charge him with littering, too. Then make him pick them up. With his tongue. Or his eyeglass chopsticks. Film it, then give the movie rights to his ex to sell. Then sell his left kidney...was that out loud?

If there's any justice, she'll find a mis-struck 1918 wheat penny in there and sell it for a fortune.

I did hear of a case like this where a judge ruled that the recipient had to accept the pennies as payment, leading the payer to rejoice. Then he told the payer that first he had to put them all in rolls.

C'mon, this is just Gabby and Carlos horsing around, right??

Pennies are legal tender, aren't they?

so he harassed the asphalt?


Pennies are legal tender, aren't they?

His mistake was dumping them on the driveway. That's what makes it "acrimony" instead of "alimony".

Sometimes it's no fun

being a kid


its probly legal...but he's still an asshat.

I agree with making him pick them up. What a b@st@rd.

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