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May 23, 2008



This has been your Culinary Update from Zimbabwe.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who correctly notes that we are not making fun of the name "Piccard Mudzingwa.")


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"This oil does have a little wang to it."

Dave, it looks like everyone got an early jump on Memorial Day weekend.

With inflation running at 165,000% and a T-Bone steak at the Harare Holiday Inns costing Z$ 320,000,000, the people will try anything if they think it's cheaper.

Mudzingwa: "What gave me away? Was it all those bottles of Extra Virgin Urine?"

whatever you do, don't buy any miracle whip(tm) from this guy.

No wonder that guys car didn't run after I pissed in his gas tank!

Zero trans fats!

*snork* @ crossgirl!

Maybe he didn't say, "This is oil." Maybe he said , "This is Earl."

So many questions. If they were fooled, it's gotta be some nasty looking urine.

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