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May 22, 2008


(Thanks to John Regan)


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I'd rather hear about Britney's vacation with Mel Gibson...

Oh! Let me get a pen to repeatedly stab myself in the eye write this down...

I can not wait to pick up that issue at the office. USmagazine, as well as probably 200 hundred other great publications, send us free subscriptions. We pad their subscriber list. Pad? Does she?

I'm offended that you think guys are that interested and distracted by big HOLEY MOLEY, ROCKY! LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THOSE YABBOES!....

Wow. My life is now complete.

God help me I already saw that . . .

What's with all the jack-@ss stories this morning?

There's lots of jack asses in the world. Like this one.

Shouldn't this have been featured on E! ?


Hol-E sh!t!

To Wiredog:

Key Quote from a visitor later on down your link:
"To the Teenaged Girls of Today:

... BUT DON'T SEND OUT NAKED JPEGS OF YOURSELF. Seriously, why is this harder to grasp than your English teacher's penis?

Appalled Parent"

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