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May 22, 2008


Advisory: Do not click on this link if you are offended by bad language or grossness in general.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Wow. I am SOOOOOO grateful that I don't have to date anymore.


Eeew. He alphabetizes his DVDs? Run. Away. Now.

Good one, Annie.

snork @ Annie. He can't spell, either.


I met my wife on a blind date. Let's just say she's a tolerant woman.

Meanie, you didn't puke on her, did you? That would be WAY above "tolerance".

This story makes me appreciate the fact that my first wife actually had some sanity. On behalf of this gentleman and myself I think a tall, cold one is in order. Preferably a Shiner Bock or 7. ;)

Thanks, Dave!
*gets back to baking cookies*

Hey, I AM a tall, cold one!

No, Auntie. I was far more refined in terms of liquidy substances spilled on her.

Ok, eeew again, there, Meanie. TMI.

I was thinking the same thing, Annie. You just beat me to the comment. Ick! I hope there aren't any kids reading the blog!

hey, what do you guys mean by liquidy substances?

Ummmm......go ask your mother, kid. Then go rot your brains with video games like every other kid on the planet instead of hanging out here.

oh like he's never had to choose between staying home cramping in bed while suffering from the flu and totally cracked out of his mind or getting out there and meeting new people before. geesh. could happen to anyone. i hope he returns my phone.

Yipes, Auntie M. That was harsh.

Good one.

Sorry, Annie. Rough day at school, you know. I blame society. Or something...

It's all good. You probably chased him back to his homework.
Ironically, my kids learned about sports via video games. They liked some of them well enough to try them in RL.

That's good. But I presume that you at least attempt to get them to do their homework once in a while and maybe study some for the state tests. I get a lot of blank looks and "But Tuesday's soccer. He CAN'T do homework on Tuesdays." from parents.

But enough about the crumbling decay of society! Let's talk internet blind dating. Oh, wait....

Last night was the parent orientation mtg for middle school. Amer Idull was on at 8 pm. The meeting was still going at 8. Over half the audience left right before 8. Hmmmmm....if you're gonna crumble, it usually starts at the top.

Apple. Tree. Not far. Yep.

Homework is soooooo yesterday.

{rolling on floor, holding sides, laughing]

Sooo, I'm guessing you folks are giving me the thumbs up on a second date?

I think the thumbs are up somewhere, CJ. Can't really see them, though, IYKWIM.

I had a student e-mail me an essay from her cousin about why there shouldn't be homework. It had great lines like, "Teachers and parents know that kids shouldn't do homework. They don't like it. And that's why homework is bad."

Hey, Soccer Coach! Are you stalking me? Just kick the kid off the team, already! He falls down every time he kicks the ball, and he's a whiner. Help me out here!

*SNORK* @ crossgirl

It's good to see that the Chinese spammer guy found a date.

Even a spammer doesn't deserve that date. Well, maybe the bad poetry spammer does, but not the Chinese spammer.

[P.S. My DVDs and VHSs are alphabetized]

CJ - I would've guessed that. How's that fishtank/tv coming along?

P.S. My DVDs and VHSs are alphabetized]

Posted by: CJrun | 08:16 PM on May 22, 2008

WHAT?!!?!?!!??! *faints*

Well, I don't know about him, but I had a great time! It felt so good to get it all out, yanno?

snork @ cg AND Suzy Q!!!
*splashes "liquidy substance" on cg to wake her up*

Note to self: Unalphabetize the record collection

Evening all

Evening, jug. You can keep the records alphabetized. Just don't invite crossgirl or Annie to your place. Ever.

Yep, "America's Sweethearts" through "Wind."

Which is not a beauty pageant as narrated by Russert.

Some things are too hard to even imagine Auntie M.

especially annie.

she wouldn't vist you anyway.

unless you have horses.

and beer.

This would have gone much better if he'd been blind, and maybe deaf.

But Cheese--then we wouldn't have the joy of reading this glorious tale of star-crossed lovers who cannot be together due to blood and vomit. I, for one, would feel cheated if I hadn't read this account.


i just knew there would be some hideous flaw. i mean besides the politics thing.

what ist dist 'vist' you speak uv, pack?

The horses are under the hood and the beer is in the fridge. Nevertheless, I think my record collection and I are safe.

Um cheesewhiz? A failing sense of smell might have helped also.

I think the date was going fine until he found out she was a Cubs fan.

Well, Twinkie fans are like that Annie.

*quietly removes listing on match.youknowwhat*

Auntie - no, no, it was wine, pre-consumption.


good idea, bali. My ex is out there...*shudders*

Um, Bali? You might also want to cancel the billboard and the full page ad in the paper.

Just sayin'...

How are ya?

I thought the ad was quite tasteful, myself.

Meanie--twice!!! Man, she IS tolerant! My hubby broke two of my dad's best drink glasses, but he never spilled alcohol on me.

My best friend met the perfect man on that site: handsome, rich, great job, generous...oh yeah. Married.

Thank you, Annie. And thanks for suggesting that Annie Leibo-vatsis for the photo. (She's quite good, you know. She could sell some of her stuff.)

well, that's true Annie. The riding crop added a certain flair......

cg sleeps late. Her DVDs are alphabetized, as well.

Hah! Good job, CJ! I'm impressed.

*does not admit DVDs and CDs are all alphabetized in separate three ring binders for easy travel convenience.*
*Shuffles iPod to random sequence*

No longer dates. Mr. Howard would never approve.

The first time was when I poured each of us a glass, then turned around without realizing she was right behind me. Double oops. Red, no less.

Not much later, I knocked a just-filled glass across the table into her lap.

She then said to me: "You really ARE a blind date, aren't you?"

Thus, proving, love is blind.

Aw, Meanie. She was charmed by your klutziness. How adorable!

A woman I met on the net,
In the kitchen, seemed like a sure bet,
Before I could nut,
She emptied her gut,
the smell of curry, on my bedsheets has set.


i was impressed by all the amateur pharmacologists speculating on what she had taken...

the mrs.' previous. didn't alphabetize his books, he arranged them according to the Dewey decimal system. and no, he was not a librarian.

Well, tomorrow looks interesting. I'll hasten that by hitting the sack. Nite all.

*zaps in for a min*

Carl Hiaasen's book signing was great. EC and I met up there and The Blogs were there too and Mrs. Blog introduced Carl with some very funny anecdotes about her first time covering a golf tournament. I got the golf book for my bro in law and couple of Hiaasen's books for me. Mrs. Blog had some really cool pics of the fox family. Very cool evening and I got home just in time to see the finale of Grey's Anatomy!

Time for bed now...nite all!!

*zaps out*

I would like to see more posts like this one on the blog. If the blog is soliciting material, I could write up a short story about a functional/dysfunctional roommate I lived with who worked as a topless dancer. She wore a cowboy hat on her chest if that interests you. Yes, I was arrested.

Our CDs, DVDs, records, spices and videos are in alphabetical disorder. Books are sort of randomly dispersed within genres, but bear in mind that we consider coffee table books, paperbacks, and autographed by the author to be genres ....

*Hesitant SNORK! @ Mrs. Insom's previous*

i have a vague idea where my cds, dvds, records, spices and videos are kept. books, not so much. i love a challenge.

Well...I have to organize a search party to find quite a number of things, usually only to discover that I've gotten rid of it during one of my marathon getridofitifyouhaven'tuseditinthepastsixmonthsoryearortwoyears frenzies. I have gotten family pictures consolidated into 3 drawers and a rolling tote bin. Except for albums. Which are anywhere.

I did put all of my CDs on the computer and let it organize them. At the suggestion of a decorator friend.

Enough about me. What about you?

again, late to this party, but OBVIOUSLY this guy never studied here.
10 First Date Tips for Men

In my BC years (before child) my CDs and VHS tapes were not only alphabetized but were also sub-divided into genres. Now that we have DVDs, the one we-really-really-need-because-it-belongs-to-library-and-was-due-yesterday can usually be found under my foot, following a loud cracking sound.

Progress is not always a good thing.

Oh yeh, as for the actual topic about which I meant to ask: in the comments some moderator type person keeps telling commenters to "read the follow-up". I couldn't find one, anybody else?

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