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May 22, 2008



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4000 KW? That's equivalent to a lot of gas.

They should have named him T. Bone Pickens. Much more cleverer name, IMHO.

Does T-Bone have a repair shop? Russert broke his wind.

Wind farming is brilliant. Texas is full of hot air.

Add a little fire and get that extra thrust

"Pickens: '...you know, it's clean, it's renewable. It's -- you know, it's everything you want.'"

Can we just say it's renewable and leave it at that?

Velshi: I'm fascinated by wind power. I love going by a field of these turbines. And I think they're fascinating.
Fascinating. Please shut up.

Is the sole purpose of just a bunch of fart jokes?

away out West
they found a way
when oil's future's dire
just plant turbines
across the state
and you've got the wind for hire!

I'm wondering about the legal ramifications of one wind farmer puts up a wind turbime that interrupts the wind to a 2nd farmer's turbine.

IF one wind farmer...

Put this wind farm on Capitol hill (D.C.)

Me(?)...I'm still waiting for South Florida to tap into the hydro-electric potential of the Gulf Stream (a constant flow of approx. 4-5 mph.)

...then figure out the whole "desalinization makes perfect sense" as a water supply.

[not holding my breath]

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