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May 27, 2008


Shark attacks boy in his bedroom

(Thanks to sjhaller and Siouxie and DavCat)


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yeah, "sleepwalked" - that's the ticket.


The 'attack' happened when the 14-year-old sleepwalked into a long-dead souvenir shark hanging on the wall of his nautical-themed room.

Talk about misleading headlines! How does that jibe with "Shark Attacks Man in Bedroom"?

Let's hope Stephen King isn't reading this.

Too late, Annie. His warped mind is already thinking of a story where the "dead" shark comes to life and terrifies the town.

*Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the bedroom...*

dadum....dadum...dadum dadum dadum dadum..

We're gonna need a bigger bed.

My recommendation? Place it over the headboard.

1. Sleepwalking kids won't find it.
b. IF it fell down THEN the headlines would be accurate.

Is anyone else thinking of the movie My Super Ex-Girlfriend?


I feel sorry for the kid, and I feel horrible for what I'm thinking, but the mental picture is hilarious.

As a sleepwalker myself, uh, what Glix said.

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