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April 22, 2008


Hedgehog goes on Atkins diet

This has been your Daily Hedgehog News Update.


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Hedgehogs are big doin's this week.

When hedgehogs are becoming obese you know it's an epidemic. I blame global warming.

aren't hedgehogs part of a well rounded atkin's breakfast?

So eating like a bird made the hedgehog fat?

Excuse me, Wench, it's a "glandular problem".

Definitely time for the feds to step in and make sure the hedgehog goes on a strict diet of carrots and celery. We certainly don't want a bunch of overweight hedgies burdening the already depleted health care system.

Do you mean nurses, Doc Rick?

I didn't bother sending in the ananova version as I figured Siouxie someone would be all over it, but they had a much better picture of George.

HAH! Jeff! I did not send this in! pffft

A much better solution. I hate it when they hog the elliptical trainers.

laughoutloud Jeff! That looks like one unhappy creature.

Good Lord no Wench. We need more nurses stat. I found that out over the weekend.

Well, I found out we need more *good* nurses and doctors over the weekend, too, so I agree.

Mine was an angel. I doubt she reads this blog but if she does I want her to know how much of a difference she made that night. Doctors do a great job of fixing you, but the RN's, LVN's and the assorted support staff do a great job for the most part in making sure you're happy. At least it's that way in my neck of the woods.

I haven't exactly had that kind of experience with nurses or doctors, and a doctor's negligence just about killed my sister this past week, so I'm feeling a bit jaded right now. I'm glad they seem to be a little more on the ball where you live.

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