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April 24, 2008


(Thanks to queensbee)


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*Files 'carrots are good for your eyesight' under 'another old wives tale"*

So much for carrots being good for your eyes.

I KNEW snowmen had ulterior motives.


As much as I'd like to crack wise, that must have been very painful and I hope they put him away for a good long time.

That said, there are a lot of very stylish eye patches out there ...

She is lucky it just put out her eye. It could have made her a vegetable.

bwaaahaaaa, ellie. why is the couple still together is what gets me??
well, maybe she is some kinda tomata!

Exactly, Steve. Also, she has some very interesting glass eyes to choose from.

Carrots...on the "You'll poke your eye out" list right next to BB guns.

Carrot Attack WBAGNFARB or a Samuel L. Jackson flick.

So she's suing him, but they are still living together. Well that's going to get awkward.

"The couple still live together."

Well, as long as she keeps him away from the broccoli, what could possibly go wrong?

Ah, eyeball replacements.

*Happy to have a reason to repost this lovely pic.*

Have a lovely day, blogits! Keep your hands where we can see them...

*Slinks out®*

NGL . .

I can't believe no one has yet said it. When carrots are outlawed, only outlaws will have carrots. And then they'll be able to see better than their victims.

Hah! Carrot tossing at 20 feet is child's play compared to my ex-wife's aim. She once hit me with the VCR remote in the back of the head at 33 feet. I know this because my buddy who was with me at the time went back and measured it so he could tell everybody at work about it. While I got a bump on the head, the remote sadly wound up in the dumpster in 3 pieces.

All your carrots are belong to us.


Sure it's funny, then someone loses an... oh, never mind.

*sigh* adds carrots to the list of items to be locked away from boysies.

*SNORK* @ Jeff!

cg - why not just lock the boysies up. It would be much easier (and safer) in the long run.

Well, I think we all know there was supposed to be a question mark somewhere in my last post. Oh well.

hey,Diva! LTNS!

Guess he won't be buying her a Salad Shooter for an anniversary gift.

SNORK@salad shooter!

bwahhha salad shooter. good one

Very funny, Larry!

Those things can certainly look dangerous . . .

Somebody's GOTTA have a "Love is blind" joke for this one. C'mon, people! Somebody, ANYbody!

*Slinks in®*

For padraig.

Could'a' had a V8!

*TURBO-SNORK* at "all your carrots are belong to us"

another cup of precious coffee, wasted. I just can't drink while I read this blog.

And people think there is no reason to be afraid of vegetables!

Now had he attacked her with a banana she'd have been prepared.

This is why I consume vegetables. They are evil.

Look like this thread died on the vine. Kudos to Cat & CJ for starting it off right, and Larry, whoever you are, but.... WTFBBQ, people - I can't take one day off? Everyone knows if you're going to dangle a carrot, you're gonna need a decent schtick.

They still live together... Wierd.

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