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April 23, 2008



(Via Gizmodo)


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Plates made from biohazardous materials? Now why didn't I think of that?


Plates made from biohazardous materials? Now why didn't I think of that?


I don't want to deal with dishes, let's use peeper cups!

*wonders how the plates and utensils would hold up at a picnic in the hot Texas sun*

*decides not to buy peepee plates until further research is carried out*

What's next? Do-Do plates? Camel spit cigars?

Oh, wait, cigars already taste like camel spit.

...as a flavor enhancer in cigarettes... Absolutely. And please, charge them more for it. "You're in Bacon-enhanced Marlboro Country." Sorta.

I knew some Piggs when I was growing up.




Have I ever told the story of Rocky Pigg and the topless dancer I lived with? Roxanne. Roxanne.

........and pig farts use 1/4 less energy than a gerbil.

Was Earth Day YESTERDAY???

"There are 20 million pigs in Denmark..."
Heck, we have that many just in government!

I want to know how they plan to collect the raw material.

I'm feeling more green just thinking about Pig Urine Plastic, which, it goes without saying, would be an EXCELLENT band name. Although the green is more "around the gills" than "environmentally conscious."

AWBH - "a flavor enhancer in cigarettes,"

Hey, whatever it takes to mask the actual taste of cigarettes, huh? I mean, can they actually make them taste worse?

why do my Legos smell funny?

Festus....that Depends....ba-dum.
Brainy - I once had to smoke for a stage part. Never saw the big deal. Snapping bubble-gum and tawking like a New Yawker while smoking....that made me gag.

Pork piss provides plastic products, people pay premium prices. Progress? Possibly.

Oh, insom....eeeeewww.

Well, you have to store the leftover pea soup somewhere.

Snork at Brainy!

Something's rotten in the State of Denmark.

Hey, those will go perfect with my Fiestaware!

Well, most of our current plastic products are made from dinosaur guts. So pick your plastic: dead dinosaurs dishes vs. pig pee plates.

I don't want to know how you know what camel spit tastes like.

With apologies to Leonard Bernstein:

Urea, my flatware is made from urea!
It’s made from porcine waste, which kind of spoils the taste, for me.
Urea, the Danes can make stuff from urea!
The concept makes me swoon, they made my dinner spoon, from pee!
Urea, you may think a big fuss I’m makin’
But I want my pork only as bacon.
Urea, the Danes can just keep their urea!

Due to confidentiality agreements with the late Eddie Albert and the Gabor sisters I can't tell you HOW I know C.P.........but rest assured......it tastes like chicken.

I rather enjoy the taste of my Camels, though I haven't tried the spit. I would like to know, however, which flavors they intend to enhance with pig pee. Don't tinker, damnit!

Also: do you think the guy who thought this up was pissed at the time?

pig urine is particularly interesting because it is an environmental hazard.

Pig Urine: the Dane of ecosystems everywhere.

say what you wish about Fiestaware, Mr. Death. I have made a marvelous profit off of single pieces of uranium red and cobalt blue. it just goes to show how stupid the very rich can be. now pig piss plastic is just plain weird.

Honey, how come my other white meat is yellow?

They would also like to announce their fall fashion line made completely from nuclear waste.

Also: do you think the guy who thought this up was pissed at the time?

As in....sh!t faced?

Also, Ford - that's just.....wrong. But good.

nice idea - wonder if it's microwave-safe?

Whats the big deal? Phenol, formaldehyde and urea have been used to make various plastic type products like bakelite for years. Pig piss is organic, and everything organic will find favour with the tree huggers.

I agree Mot. I don't see why this should be a big deal if everything can be broken down chemically and combined into a safe product. Hell, you're more likely to get a major disease from the handle on your shopping cart than plastic created with pig pee.

Doc, I'll draw the line at adding pig piss to beer, but apart from that anything goes.

*Pours everyone a frosty cold one in a fine, pig-pee mug*

I posted this late last night and I didn't want anyone to miss a good laugh. So I'm posting it again...

In the wake of the Penn primary and (never-ending) democrat race for the party nomination... here is what we *REALLY* wanna see:

Clinton vs Obama in the ring

I'm with JohnR on this one - the smell from the microwave? Pig pee does not break down easily like most other organics. Let's wait a generation and see what happens to the guinea pigs people who use this first. There might be weird side effects.

Oddly enough that's a picture of my third grade teacher AWBH. How did you get a hold of that?

Your mother gave it to me, Larry. She found it under your mattress.
You're so much cooler online. ;P

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