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April 24, 2008


A Miami-Dade prosecutor objects to a license plate.

(Thanks to Jollymon)


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FIRST to say I'm putting in for an "OGC" license plate.


that's pretty funny!

Key quote: "We will examine this from all angles." HAR!

Maybe they'd prefer he got himself one of these ...

That's gonna be a fun fight, Steve, and I'm close to ACLU level in my fervor for keeping the govt out of religion and vice versa.

They might argue that in that case the state isn't supporting religion, religion's supporting the state via special plate fees. But putting religious symbols on state-issued license plates? Not much chance.

Then again, if I could I might put in for a Wiccan plate just to mess with people. How about an atheist plate? Have to be blank, of course.....

... and four letters that begin and end with “T” and...

Well, that cleaned up the article, thanks. Especially since they went on to spell it out about five times further on.

ARRR! It's a Fishin' Contest

What went thru my mind is, if they gave Fox Mulder one of those plates, would it say "I want to believe" ... ?

Snork @ Padraig!

*remembers when acronym crazy NASA realized they really needed to change the name of the Saturn Launch Umbilical Tower*

semper thigh?


fivver - in Seattle we have the new South lake Union Trolley, which they suddenly called the streetcar when "Ride the S.L.U.T." t-shirts came out. Everyone still calls it the S.L.U.T. though. Oh, and the news reporters trying to delicately report the error were hilarious.

In Virginia, you can get a plate with a bare-breasted woman on it. Of course, she represents Virtue; she has just killed the Tyrant (the words of John Wilkes Booth can be seen below). I'm still waiting for the scene to be reenacted on the capitol steps in Richmond (with actors, of course, not the real governor).

Then there was the plate from New England a few years back that someone customized to an abbreviated form of SHouT HaPpiNesS.

And the abbreviation for Saint Louis University is SLU, not StL. The women's tennis team usually refers to themselves as SLU Tennis.

Why stop at the plate? Go after the military and demand they sanction anyone using that 'colloquialism.' Period. Anyone using it will be forced to wear rainbow fatigues and work the kitchen at a gay bar. Don't drop the soap.

As for the plate, consider it a warning label for the dork inside. Saves us classy women time.

There's an even better license plate out there. I can't figure out how to make links, so just click on my name and you should be redirected. Enjoy (or not.)

Leaving aside the actual subject matter, this story made me feel really old because I went to high school with the complainant...

How can anyone have never heard of "twat" in its proper slang context? Do they live under rocks? Or, perhaps in one of the FLDS compounds?

I was not aware that New England issued license plates.

oneblankspace: When John Wilkes Booth shouted "Sic semper tyrannis" as he ran across the stage at Ford's Theater, the phrase had already been the state motto of Virginia for many years and was fairly well-known in 19th-century America. It's sort of unfair to give him credit for those words, which he merely (mis)appropriated for a cause.


Incidentally, I think my favourite vanity plate story is the one about the guy in California who had "3M TA3" as his vanity plate. It took the censors about three years to figure it out and take it away.

California is a state that requires front and rear licence plates. Hold that plate up to a (rear-view) mirror and you'll understand why they finally took it away ;)


Heh. When I was a young police officer, a friend of mine was seconded to the task force investigating all of the murders committed during the "cocaine wars" in the Miami area in the '80s...name of the task force? Special Homicide Investigative Team.

They had great t-shirts...

The University of North Texas radio station is, sadly, KNTU.

However, there is hope

I'm not saying JWB was the source. I am saying that if Virginia changed the state commonwealth song because of its association with slavery, they can certainly get the sex, violence, and assassination references off the state seal/flag/drivers license/tax refund checks/police cars.

Sorry... new england. I forget the exact state. If I had said Maine and it turned out to be Vermont, you would have complained about that, too.

Illinois--Land of Lincoln
Indiana--Lincoln's Boyhood Home
Kentucky--Birthplace of Lincoln
Virginia--the Land that Killed Lincoln

Methinks she is a Tactical Wire Assault Team.

Again, to be fair to Virginia, it's not really *their* fault that Booth "appropriated" their state motto. In the infamous words of Michael Bolton, "Why should I change? He's the one who sucks!"


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