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April 26, 2008


Now they're using smelly checks.

(Thanks to, um, Athol Dickson)


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Slow news day?

Smelly check
smelly check
what have they been feeding you?

smelly check
smelly check
it's not your fault.

plagued by smelly checks?

-now with new anti-bacterial subtly-scented "Cash-et" money and check freshener, you can free of embarrassment, annoyance and Federal charges forever!

-next time someone 'cuts you a check' make sure that's all they've cut with new "Cash-et"!

here's what customers say:

-"I am a smelly Czech. It did not help me at all."
-Josef K. Prague

-To get back at the power company, I used my payment as toilet paper first. After spraying liberally with "Cash-et" they were almost passable, although my postman may have noticed something since he boils my outgoing mail now." - A. Disusting Pervert

This job STINKS! CALL 911!!!

Phoebe beat me to it.

I knew I had something to do. I forgot to log on to Dave's blog today! I usually dab little machine oil on after shaving when I put on my best dress. I mean, what biker chick worth her salt could resist should I make an advance. Salt?

I had the chemistry kit out last night and was experimenting with radioactive isotopes and and eventually a little TNT, then this happened

I swear I read smelly chicks, not checks.

Did anyone checkout "The Giant Spider Invasion" trailer from lils' post? I'm gonna have spider dreams for a week...and I'm not afraid of spiders! It was the "gushy" sound with the unsuspecting guy toward the end that got me.

I promise I had nothing to do with it.

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