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April 25, 2008


(Thanks to sjhaller)


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Nothing explains Hasselhoff.

Ya beat me to that one, Cheryl. Just saw that sucker on a VW ad. He must be going for some kind of record for highest ratio of career earnings to talent.

Plus that cheeseburger ad of his wasn't near as sexy as Paris Hilton's...

Oh, wait, you say that wasn't a cheeseburger ad??

Honest to god I thought the Hoff had died. Thank God for VW reviving him and his career.

Of course there's such a thing as male menopause. If not the sports car industry would be in shambles.

*adds , after not before Annie notices*

Every night I pray that my grandchildren will know a world without Hoff.

I thought the testosterone-crazed squirrels were the explanation. Part of it, anyway.

Let me tell you, from personal experience, that andropause is a real bitch bastard.

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