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April 23, 2008


..are going to church.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)

Church News Update, thanks to Amanda Austin


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It's not really all that strange. I'd imagine most religious institutions (except Mosques) need liquor licenses.

I agree with Elon. In fact I think might be the foundation of which Catholicism was built. That or guilt. I get them mixed up.

"Reverend Geraint ap Iorwerth"

He's hogging all of the Welsh vowels.

They all serve wine already. Not very much, but . . .

It's built on guilt about having wine. Put in a bar, and you're guaranteed to rake it in with the confessional concessions.

There's a reason all Welsh names sound like tooting.

The church's Web site for its new branch advertises "Top regional bands, pizza, wings, rowdy fun & a short message."

I can't be the only one who saw "massage" intead of "message".

Can I?

After all the fancy-pants posts today and yesterday, I mean.


The Catholics serve beer at their Knights of Columbus halls. I should know since they were the first people to serve me alcohol without checking my ID. Ah, the good old days. *urp*

Doc - We Catholics serve beer in our homes too. This has been your daily dose of Catholicism. Thanks for reading this far.

Claire Martin...Amanda Austin...some girls have all the posts. Sheesh.

Praise the Lord and pass the cold ablution.

What CJ said. And for the record I like the Catholic church. I wouldn't be the drunk I am today without them. Thankfully no priests asked for a strip search before I entered the KC hall.

Say, Angel, do you pray here often?

*smacks Doc with her rosary*

I hadn't been smacked with anything in awhile Annie. Thanks! ;)

Nice tattoo Annie

Amanda Austin = Claire Martin, with a wig. A big blonde wig.

In the meantime, Mike Hammond is a good boy.

CJ, if we had come up with that plan, I might not have a new step mommy

Bless you all for coming. I'm Sister Angelica, and I'll be your servant this evening. If I can interest you in a beverage, tonight we have something heavenly on tap or imported earthly rewards in bottles. If you prefer more of a holy spirit, we also feature this by the glass.

Holy spirits Meanie, are you tending bar tonight?

I'll confess that I am indeed tempted. In fact, this made me do it.

Good thing you're not Baptist or you might be dancing while you're drinking.

Good point Jug. I happen to have dual citizenship in both the Baptist and Methodist denominations. I'm pretty sure that gives me the right to fool around with all sorts of things. Especially hot English wenches.

Hey, watch it .... are you trying to get me condemned?

A Methodist Baptist Doc? That would make you a Baptodist

Odd, I'd have sworn Meanie was a Lutyrian.

I'm really a Pedagogue.

Or Orthodox Agnostic.

Seventh Day Hedonist?

I thought you were a Prez-beertyrian.

I love this blog. just sayin'.

I used to be a member of the Latter Day Church of What's Happening Now.

I'm just thirsty. Anybody got the keys to the booze cabinet today?

Or a Bud-dhist

When I first moved to LA my parents came out to visit. We attended the Church of the American Martyrs. My mom, knowing California was quite forward-thinking, thought it was the Church of the American MOTORS, like the car company. She didn't say anything until she got back to NY. Those darn Cali's.

God works in mysterious ways Annie.

*slides the good doc a cold one*

God also has a wicked sense of humor Doc. Why else would we have the French?

Meanie, I'll take a Schlitz Malt Liquor Papal Bull.

all we've got left here, CJ, is a Cult 45.

I always thought a Papal Bull was some kind of special breed.

...or one that sucked as a sire.

I've got a Pabst here, CJ. That's German for Pope...

Just found a whole case of Billy Beer. any takers?

thought not.

"Papal Bull" is the homily where the priest tells you who to vote for. (yes, I've sat thru that, only because I was too young to walk out and drive home)

Well now, when I attended school at "Our Lady of Broken Windows" (we were a poor, but proud family...well actually we weren't particularly proud about being poor), Sister Agnes would smash my knuckles (and other assorted extremities) in a firm but compassionate manner with her yard-stick.

Although I must say that the enthusiastic run-up to the "smashing" gave me cause to sometimes doubt the "compassionate" aspect.


I miss the school days.....NOT

Afkat, I went to a Catholic prep school run by Hungarian monks. The first year I was there, Fr.Matthew did nothing but mumble and pray. I found out 3 mos later he was on probation because he broke a guy's finger with his ruler the year before.

Good Times.

I was rarely reprimanded at my Catholic elementary school. In fact, I got to hand the yardstick to Sister Mary Knucklebreaker a few times.

*points at Meanie and yells "Sister's Pet...Sister's Pet*

Whew...I feel so much better now...

I met with the board of education at least three times before 1974.

and I only deserved it seven times..

Glad you feel better now, Afkat. Those marvelous memories still warm my heart *EG*

jug - at my dad's school, if the nuns broke fingers, they didn't get probation, they got promoted. To make it really hurt, in the winter they'd make you hold your hand out the window for a while, THEN they'd whack it.

Actually meanie, a number of years ago, I made a conscious effort to locate a number of my former teachers, those that I felt had an impact on my life, and visit them ('cause I'm not poor anymore), I'm quite financially capable.

And I flew to a number of locations to interract with my former teachers. It was an enormously satifying experience, especially with some of my most favorite teachers.

But alas...Sister Agnes was long gone....I'd love to have had a meaningful conversation with her...

What can I say Annie, you were raised more Catholic than I was.

I love this vicar. First he only wanted the license for one thing, then after he started talking he kept adding stuff, well, weddings, parties, a cafe, afternoon tea, concerts, Christmas, New Year's, christenings, Tuesday afternoon! VF!

I think those are what the B school types call 'value added revenue sources'

All in all I'm impressed. He's managed to gin (no pun intended) up enough attention to get millions of people via the internet to send his church a donation. Far better than taking out an ad in the local news rag.

BTW, I love the Miami Herald. Best reporting and commentary this side of New York city. *as always, it never hurts to kiss up to the bosses upstairs*

Also - bot has been veddy veddy good to me lately.

Annie, small victories. That's all you can ask for. In other notes, the Yankees are beating the pretend Sox and the Astros won for the fourth time in a row tonight. God bless baseball. ;)

All I know is that I've had many beers with my pastor watching college football. He gets so worked up over Nebraska Cornhusker losses I'm quite sure some referee somewhere is slated for a visit to Hades.

The other day my mom told me a story. Way back in Brooklyn one Sunday, the priest announced that there would be no homily that day, but in exchange he asked that everyone go home and say a prayer for Gil Hodges, because he was in a slump.

LTTG, as usual: This priest is a friggin' genius.

I have campaigned (unsuccessfully) for years that if the PTO merely installed a frozen margarita machine at school events..... we would NEVER need another fund raiser.

Parents would be sedated during the insanity (for exorbitant prices), kids would get to do "their thang" and Voila! CASH FLOW>

Gil Hodges? Why didn't he throw a prayer out there for Sandy Koufax.

Sandy wasn't in a slump. Apparently he was, shall we say, like buttah.

I gotta agree with Med. Add booze to any school related function and I'm more likely to pay attention.
As for Sandy, I was just thinking the priest should have been praying that his arm never fell off. Best lefty of all time, second place goes to Steve Carlton.

Since the Brooklyn Dodgers were the dominant religion of their day, I don't think the local priest would've blinked twice if Koufax needed a prayer or two.

When your father who only saw Sandy on TV in black and white the last two years of his career says that Mr. Koufax is the best left-handed pitcher he's ever seen you tend to believe him. We bought him a t-shirt for his 50th birthday with the last Brooklyn Dodgers team roster on it.

Al Campanis once said the only 2 times the hair on his arm stood up were 1. seeing the inside of the Sistine Chapel and 2. the first time he saw Koufax's fastball.
There - baseball and religion. My dad was and is a big Jackie Robinson fan. Still wears an old Bums hat around the farm.
'nite, everyone.


*Lays out muffins, bagels, eggs benedict, bacon & sausage, an assortment of juices, fruit tray and pots of regular coffee, french vanilla, hazelnut & decaf*

Hey, thanks, Punkin.

But about these yellow plastic plates .....

Good morning, Punkin, and Meanie!

*Grabs the hazelnut coffee*

Thanks for the coffee Punkin

Hi, jug.

You didn't want the hazelnut, did you?

Of course, if you did... I'll share.

Mornin Cat
usually I am just a plain coffee drinker, but some mornings you just take what you can get. Thanks for sharing.

No one has bothered to ask any Pennal people about Mr ap Iorwerth recent antics - you would find it difficult to find any supporters at all ( excluding a few family members) - his own PCC had a sorprise and the rest of us would love to see him piss(ed) off to his holiday home in the South of France!!!!!!!!

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