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April 22, 2008


This was sent in by pretty much everyone.


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Ummm, if you're looking for me I'll be in my bunk improving my life expectancy...

That geek with the keyboard pants is going to out-survive us all.

Based on the past 5 years I'd have to say I'm pretty safe on the cancer front.

I'm freakin' IMMORTAL!

I've been married for 16 years. If masturbation cuts cancer risk, I could probably wear an asbestos suit every day and be safe...

My uncle was diagnosed with prostate cancer last month. I'm not sure whether I should laugh or cry. Okay, let's be honest, I'm trying my damnedest not to laugh.

(His prognosis is excellent, for what it's worth.)

(Sorry, Uncle Jim.)

I'm 'flushed' with embarrassment.

*Slinks back in®*

This blog has become very health-conscious lately. It's a wonderful thing.

Well if there is ever an award for prostate cancer prevention it should be given to Shannon Tweed for her contributions at 2am on Cinemax.

Hey, I thought I had this in hand - but Nooooo - I still had to have my prostate removed this past summer.

Lends new meaning to the term "Junk Science".

Since Miss America's platform is breast cancer awareness, the Playmate of the Year should advocate prostate cancer awareness.

So you'll be blind - look on the bright side - no chemo, so you get to keep your hair. Oy.

Cancer/white cane...decisions, decisions.

Wait, doctor.
This "alternative medicine" is sounding good to me.

Please, go on.

There are some very honest men with poor eyesight on this blog.

*searches for glasses*

What was that, Lizzy?

Choke that chicken, guys!

Hey, some of us were gonna have chicken for supper! I'm just sayin'...

Hey, some of us were gonna have chicken for supper! I'm just sayin'...

Need help?

stoopid bot

Silly Merri - guys don't read directions. What they need are visuals.

That's why you never hear of 11-16 year old boys getting prostate cancer!!

I just know that's the sheep picture.

Annie...you're so baaaad

So sorry, russell - is this baaadder?

Tried this "procedure". Got prostate cancer anyway; maybe once a day (on average) for 3 years wasn't enough. Go for the gold,kids!

That was supposed to be 30 years!!

That's what they all say, Old Bogus. They just can't make it that long.

"That was supposed to be 30 years!!"

Apparently; next time keep better track! :]


You can tell a health-conscious man by the size of his forearms.

Huh. Don't that beat all.... ?

What about hairy palms? Is that a Florida thing? Out here in California, all the palms are just normal trees.

I personally don't believe this study. I do believe that there are two types of men. Them what do, and them what lie about it. If I'm right, the study is void. I'm almost always right. (just ask my kids.)

and *snork* @ meanie.

I don't know if anyone has posted this already, but in honor of the today's primaries, here is what we *REALLY* wanna see:

Clinton vs Obama in the ring

snork @ meanie
Evening all

For some viewers, Click and Clack are on the 8pm NOVA, "Car of the Future"; should be good
End OT, resumes health-concious activities\

Don't drive like my brother.

Does he not keep both hands on the wheel Wyo?

I keep telling my boyfriend it would be good for his health if he would let me give him frequent prostate massages.

Mrs. Ostrander: Says here you got a message from Athol about your prostate.
Mr. Ostrander: Get your glasses woman! I got an @sshole massage from a prostitute.
Mrs. Ostrander:You're in Athol.
Mr. Ostrander:Yup. With the Doc.

...and don't drive like my brother!


evenin, Jug, Wyo. Who's pourin?

I'm pourin' CJ's buyin'.

Whew, that's good. Beer please. Y'all okay?

Can I have a glass of jameson's please. Evening Bali

Bali are you still in that yellow bathing suit?

luck-o-the Irish, slidin' down the bar.

Thank you sir.
How's that grand baby doing?

*hands American O'Pressed card to bartender*

dandy child, thanks for askin, Jug.

an' thanks CJ, we'll try to spend it all in one place. how's the bidness proceedin?

thanks for the drink CJ

That's great Wyo. I figure I have 2 years before I become a grandpa. I can't wait

My oldest son got married five years ago. I thought it likely that I'd have achieved grampahood somewhat before now. but things don't always go as we guess they will. (not tryin' to discourage you at all, of course.) but when it does happen, it's worth the wait.

My daughter hasn't confided in me their plans, its just a feeling based I get. I think its going to be a lot of fun, and very humbling at the same time

removes surplus 'based' from previous post.

I have to admit to bein' a little intimidated by lookin' into eyes that would see a future I'll never know, and would remember some few things about what I may pass on. There's something interesting about recalling my grandfather and father both, when they were my age, and then thinkin' about my son and this little one, knowin' it wasn't long ago that I was their age(s). kinda gives one a panoramic view of the life cycle, all in a moment. It's a mixed blessing, but wonderful, none the less. Hope that made some sense.

It made perfect sense Wyo. Well said

Fellas I have to admit I'm happily stuck avoiding Grandpahood for another 6-8 years at the earliest. I have enough on my hands with a very precocious 6 year old. Seeing him learn about the world every day gives me a little more faith in humanity regardless of what the adult dumb arses in it try to destroy. God bless children.

Oh, the 6-8 year wait is for my 15 year old step son for the record. Lord knows I don't need to be a dad and granddad at the same time. ;)

no kiddin' doc, you've got your hands full. and are blessed for havin' them full, I'm sure.

Absolutely Wyo and thanks. As for your grand-fatherhood, if you're anything like my father the experience will make you a better man than you've ever been. Something about the experience seems to mellow the grumpiness in any man. Good luck with it.

Just a final note for all of you Dolphin fans in the blog. Today your team took a big step forward. Good offensive tackles are hard to come by and your team has chosen a good one by all accounts. Just like the baby Marlins things will get better. Well, unless your a Heat fan in which case you're screwed for another 5 years or so. ;)

LTTG and lots of *snorks* to go around! One thing though, you don't want to end up looking like THIS.

*starts coffee and brings out the dough nuts donuts*


Hi Siouxie!!

Thanks for the coffee & donuts!!


*Shaves hair from palms and gropes blindly for coffee and donuts*

But, alas, a warning... Remember in "Kentucky Fried Movie" they showed the trailer for "Catholic High School Girls in Trouble", and one fellow discovered to his horror that the old wives' tales were true...

Submitted for your approval by an EXTREMELY healthy Allen... *G*

*Stretches awake and Slinks in®*

Good morning, blogits!

Wow, popular topic still going strong.

(Grabs coffee) Thanks, Siouxie!


Yeah, Cat. Talk about really milking a topic.

Now if any gals of the female persuasion want to prevent cancer, I still offer at-home breast exams. Guaranteed less painful than a mammogram. Free to all blogettes except Punkin who has to pay double.

*smooch* Punkin!! (didn't 'see' ya up there)(the girls were in the way)

*hands Mot a cream-filled donut*

Thanks Sooz.

Hillary bounces back.

Since we KNOW all of our blogettes are healthy, the reason in the article for not involving another person is gone, so...What do you say, ladies? Want to cooperate to keep us menfolk healthy (lend us a hand, so to speak), or will you leave us to our own devices, err, manipulations?... (Latin joke, anyone?... Bueller?...)

You boys need a hand??Here ya go, Allen.

I can't quite see that, Siouxie. Can you hand Allen that fleshlight over there? Thanks.

Yup, try to be nice to a lady, draw back a nub!... *G*


Allen, just don't google that word at work...I was going to link to it, but....yipes.

Thanks, Annie, but I already knew what it was. Ummm, somebody told me...Yeah, that's the ticket...

And, yes, double-yipes!

Siouxie told me just the other day...tsk, tsk, tsk.

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