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April 26, 2008


...in Net neutrality.

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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Careful. She looks just like I did before I got involved in the interwebness. Now I look like this

I blame Al Gore.

I think I need more coffee. I could swear that article said that she would make love to every virgin who would defend the internets.

That will probably take her a week these days.

How can she pick out the virgins from the multitudes on her doorstep?

I'm thinkin' I should qualify ... after all, I've never had sex with an internet person ... doesn't that count fer sumthin' ? ? ?

BTW, in the next story on that page, I note that writer (?) Helen A.S. Popkin doesn't know proper English spelling and/or usage ... whut does that say about her credibility?

"what's the matter, honey, you used to be able to defend Net neutrality two,three times a night? Now I'm lucky if you plug into the old USB port once a week!"

HAR! @ insom' ...

Wow. I didn't think anything could make me sorry I wasn't a virgin.

I hope everyone realizes that "net neutrality" is government doublespeak for censorship.

Read the rules people "no surprise buttsex" allowed
I did not make that up

The red carpet of my shoulder.

Early in the
morning, when
gloomy canticles
rejoice in the
sound of the quietness,
I hear a scrupulous
voice on the sun
of a summer, while
a sadness delights
and discovers a care.

Francesco Sinibaldi

Whoopee! Francesco is back. Long time no read. Too bad. It's not been long enough.

Early in the
morning when
tania derveaux
recoils at the
thoughts of last night's nerdlings
she fears her campaign
to turn boys to men
with no orgasms for her in sight,
might be a mistake.

Yay, insom!
Was she just referring to boy virgins? Or was that a silly male assumption? Tsk, tsk.

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