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April 23, 2008


But these may help prevent cancer!

(Sent in by pretty much everyone else)


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i thought we stopped doing that years ago. go figure.

Shucks, I get the same effect by setting my cell phone on vibrate, stuffing it in my pocket and calling it.

........and sure they look like GEEK pants.....but they feel like GREEK pants.

I hope they're washable.

ajfaan;eupancaaophajleiaopnhfaa;lponckzopd9uhoiuhoiaoieyr . . .

Oops, don't put these on over the keyboard pants

Didja notice that the "minimum order" quantity is 500?


Massage pants?

Wow...an automated fleshlight....golly gee.

Gives a new meaning to the term "hot-pants."

Maybe they're disposable. Like Depends.

Reduced risk of cancer -- good. Increased risk of electrocution -- bad.

"She's givin' me Nut vibrations,

I'm feelin' the ex-cite-a-tions"


An electric pants HI-KU (-2 spelling)

Tingling drawers, pulled over underwearless

fleshy bulbous parts,

giving goose bumps

Hope my mom doesn't walk in.

Thank you.

...........and they use 1/4 less energy than a gerbil.

I am neither buying nor wearing anything electrical from a company whose name begins with a Chinese city.

Put a wind turbine in the back and they could power themselves.

The guys who buy this will have no use for this . . .


Did you know that the chastity belt was directly responsible for the invention of the bobby pin?

Thought you might like to know.

Re: "a scientific and rational allocation"...I'm wondering what an irrational allocation would be. Putting the vibrating part on the waistband or pants cuff? And how did they do their scientific testing, anyway? All I know is, if I see a dude wearing these in the grocery store line, I'm going to back away slowly.

Also help you to dance the jitterbug!

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