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April 25, 2008


15 monkeys loose in Florida after escape

(Sent in by many people)


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They have their licenses and passed a physical

15 monkeys hired on at local Florida cab company near Dave's house

Awww, poor things! However, I see no difference between the monkeys and the native inhabitants of that area. Except maybe the monkeys are better behaved...

And us remaining New Jerseyans are glad to be rid of them.

Errr, ebb? That's within a dung-throw of crossgirl's house. Oh, wait...maybe she would agree.

Hmmmm......funny, but I heard a bunch of short, hairy immigrants wearing dark glasses came into a Miami salon for body waxing...coincidence?


It's early.

You called?

We doan need no steenkin' license!

Ahh..reminds me of the Carl Hiaasen book I just finished reading. Only in Florida.



sounds like a bad sequel to a b-movie

by why do all the pictures show lemurs instead of monkeys?

All this is eventually the fault of that guy Columbus . . .

D'oh! Columbus . . .

(was saving the other one for something apropos . . . )

Bananas? Brilliant!

I think these high school seniors might have a few days to help with the search.


So they follow the law unlike most "residents" in South Florida?

So the gators and giant pythons will have monkey this weekend instead of froo-froo dog appetizers.

*Slinks in®*

NMUA, that story makes me sad. Seriously. They went to all the trouble of coming up with a safe, funny, senior prank and still had the book thrown at them. School just isn't fun anymore.

*Slinks out®*

The primates will not be placed back on the island but in a more secure enclosure — when caught, according to the site.

Well that leaves out CTU's headquarter.

I agree Cat. It's like some adults have no idea what it was like to be younger.

"...and a wildlife officer saw a lone male in his backyard." Is it an anomaly to see a single guy in his backyard in Florida?

Yeah, Braniff...exactly what kind of 'wildlife' officer are they talking about? Maybe Siouxie's kind of wildlife.
*goes out to buy more markers for Mary*

Cat R and Alien --
Yeah, there's a bit of backlash building up. I suspect that the kids will be fine.

Those who wish to order banana costumes (about $40 or so, depending on shipping) may want to start soon in order to have the materials ready for May 1.

Not that I'm suggesting anything like anarchy or protests...

Those monkeys need to be spanked

I've never even been to Puerto Rico.

if anyone needs me, i'll be busy getting ready to open my driving school.

NMUA, that sucks. I agree that it was a totally harmless and FUNNY prank. WTF?? They should learn to chill a bit more these days. I'd have gotten arrested for putting detergent in our HS fountain (IF I had done that, which, of course,I didn't). Harmless fun, people.

Annie, my kinda wildlife these days consists of my leetle leezard out back.


Entirely OT, but I got great news for anyone who's tired of their present job: LOL Cats is hiring, people ... !

*puts on banana outfit in solidarity*

NMUA. Where has all the humor gone? Like Sio, I had this friend, I heard, who routinely bombed a local fountain with large bottles of Crystal White dish soap for the sheer pleasure of seeing the entire block covered in bubbles. I myself would never do such a thing or admit to it because I don’t know what the statute of limitations is.

I still laugh at the memory of a class mate who ran naked down the school halls on the first day of school. It was shockingly out of character, which made it all that more funny.

I nominate Dave as key note speaker at the school’s graduation ceremony. I’ll even buy him a
tie to wear.

Dang, the banana tie link didn't work.

NMUA - that's BS. It was a hilarious prank, and no one was hurt, classes weren't disrupted. When I was a freshman in high school, a senior stole the flag from the top of the Kingdome. Obviously they beefed up security, because when he saw it all over the news he panicked, and managed to sneak back in to put the flag back.

I'm with you, crossgirl!

Cheryl's link

I was wondering about the lemur pics too. Maybe the reporter didn't know the difference?

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